Colin is my Peeta

It looks so sappy and lame written in bold print up there but it’s true. I have known a time when I didn’t think I could love Colin in that way. A time where I actually did everything I could to push him away. Due to fear.

yep, we love each other

Good thing he wouldn’t allow it.

We’re a strange match but that’s why we work. He is my calm and I am the storm. Sometimes the only place I feel safe is in his arms. That’s why while I was reading the Hunger Games all I wanted was for her to choose Peeta….no spoilers here but I think you know how I feel about it ;)

I may have mentioned it before but I feel like Colin compliments me. I love the idea of this relationship because most people search out looking for completion. A completion that doesn’t exist. No one can complete you but someone can help you become whole. And that’s what he does for me.

In a world that never stops haunting me he is my grounding source of safe. 

So last night while we were having some much needed ‘down time‘ and a few drinks we picked out a whole whack of “your e-cards” that we felt we could relate to.

The Peeta one was so funny because I told Colin about this post, that I had in as a draft ;) and then we were arguing about movie choices as per usual …..our movie genres are so bi-polar it sucks. For some reason cuddling and watching Tangled for the 6th time just doesn’t appeal to Colin ;)

Anyway, so here are our e-cards….

a) Grammar. Colin was raised on proper grammar. I suck at it. However, I’ve since been trained and will continued to be trained by him and his father. They taught me the difference between “me” and “I” in proper context and basically 90% of the world uses them wrong – thanks for pointing it out to me guys. Ignorance IS bliss.

example: will you guys be coming to the party? Yes, Colin and I will be coming. Did you have fun at the party? Yes, thanks for inviting me and Colin, we had a blast! (people will always say Colin and I – but you’d never say “thanks for inviting I”) <—- food for thought. 

b) Egocentric. It was a pregnancy goal of mine to become a “milf” after Logan was born. Call me vain, superficial, narcissistic, whatever – I’ll call it like I see it “I’m a MILF<—- Colin told me so ;) Now all I need are breast implants….or in my case another Handful bra!

c) Interruptions. Another one for Colin – he was telling me all about how much I interrupt him. I asked him what the heck he was talking about, but that was in the middle of his explanation and therefore I have no idea.

d) Rebellion. Having pre-marital sex – the real reason Colin and I are even together ;)

Logan was a surprise but we definitely found a lot more love through him and all his amazingness :) God bless him. To this day I am so thankful that he came into my life because he allowed me to finally see and accept the “Peeta Mellark” right in front of me ;)

We just love each other :) I can’t wait to have another baby!!!

and just because I love you guys I’ll let you see this incriminating old photo of Colin and me…..

* Colin is gagging and calling me a nerd right now – he’s not impressed. – Yep, we do have a back story. We dated when we were teens. and then broke up and met up almost 8 years later…..I’ll tell it to you one day *



1. go pick an ecard that you think describes you and post below in the comments.

You can use <img src=”http://…..your link…..” width=”400″> hopefully that will work. If not just link it up :) or write it out.

2. are you in a relationship?? if, so what’s your favourite thing to do together? (no sex descriptions please)

I love just going for a walk with Colin and chatting in the moonlight. Sitting by the lake or walking through the trees. 

3. Can you relate to any of the ecards posted above??