Please Share Your Tips!

Hey all!

Today is a very important day….

…I just found out I have a phone interview with a recruiter tomorrow :D YAY!

what is your opinion

* don’t worry my idea of dressing for an interview isn’t rolling out of bed and tossing a blazer on – though for a blog photo that’s fair game!

So I only have questions and I hope you’ll help me and share some answers!



1. what is your number one tip for succeeding at a phone interview??

I always dress as I would for a real interview so that my business persona comes across. 

2. please ask me one interview question you’ve typically heard at some of your interviews (I need to practice some behavioural ones) 

3. this job would also be during the day so I have to figure out what to do with Logan – what do you do with your kids when you’re working??? daycare? nanny?? babysitter?? relative??