ATB RECAP – First Leg:15k Relay

Race morning I woke up feeling excited….but also very sick :( It was the first time I’ve ever thrown up before a race. It was all bile and I even had to lie down so I didn’t faint. I was that nervous. I wasn’t expecting to be nervous but my lack of training and the possibility of my knee giving out had me scared.

Nothing a little KT tape couldn’t fix. Video here.

IT Band Taping

I made myself a tea and got mine and Colin’s injuries all taped up and decided to wear my compression socks with capris. Then it’d be like tights but lighter ;) and a long sleeve under my spatula runners tech tee. I am SO glad I didn’t wear a jacket. I wish I had worn shorts. TRUE STORY!

Anyway, after Jamie and Mike got up and we all ate breakfast and after some post-breakfast pre-race rolling…..


…..My sister showed up and we got everything ready and headed out the door all excited to Copps Coliseum (where the race begins and ends) I received a text from Lyndsey right as we entered the parking lot, the timing couldn’t have been better.

We met up with everyone else from DM and Lyndz inside and it was so funny to see everyone in real life for the first time. Some people, those who blog, were super easy to identify – you have a plethora of pics to know them off of, but others, with just a tiny thumbnail had me questioning who the heck they were. I was so afraid of saying the wrong names. So I let a lot of people introduce themselves to me ;) lol … all fairness. I probably have over 50,000 photos to choose from on here ;) Including this one…..

L&A Spatula

I think I’ll have to meet up with them again. Seeing Paul and Sam for the first time were probably the highlights for me :P

Paul – the pace bunny, had a spatula taped to his pacer sign :) LOVE! I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s really quite the cutie. If I wasn’t already with Colin I’d be heading Paul’s way ;)

The Spatula Bunny

Sam – the silent gangster. Here I am expecting to meet this extroverted version of myself that is a little more vulgar and is super girlie in her pink running skirts. Instead I’m greeted with awkward silence, a limp hug from somebody in sweat pants and a hoodie, hands in pockets and hood up like a gangster….

I wish I had a pic…. she looked like this, but more runner and less sexual.

flickr photo

Anyway, after formally introducing myself to Phil, who raced the NYday race with us and other DM friends we went outside to the starting line.

It was there that people began to recongize me – due to the spatulas ;) lol Mike came over to introduce himself. I felt HONORED that he ran over to meet me and MacNic when he was in a corral and finished in 2:10! lol

I also met Will who called out “spatula runner” and told me he was also from DM :) I love dailymile. It’s like facebook for athletes :D

MacNic grabbed a pre-race pic of us and Colin and I kissed each other and said good luck. I put my head band on because it was cold. I had to use the reflection in Phil’s sunglasses to line it up right ;) lol

pre race shots

Then it was race starting time. The gun went off and we literally took over 7 mins to cross the starting line. This is motivation enough for me to get fast and qualify for a spot in the corral. I’d have to shave 9 mins off my current half time.


I was behind the 3:20 pacer at the starting line so I assumed if I ran slow to warm up, Paul would catch me…..he never did.

It would take me almost 3km’s to realize that Paul wasn’t catching up to me because I was behind him :( I asked some people next to me what time they were aiming for and they said 4 hours and 30mins !!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH So I sped up.

I got a call from my work DURING the race. This really annoyed me. It threw off my music and my GPS, which were both running through my phone and I thought it might be Colin phoning with an emergency.

I also thought the camera man took a pic of me yelling out “I’m not coming in!” and slamming my phone back into my capris but apparently not… here’s the re-enactment.

I'm not coming in!

you can imagine how awesome this photo actually is. SO upset with My Sports Shooter.

*EDIT* They added more pics YAY!!! here’s me shoving my phone in my pants and yelling “Oh No!” when realizing the camera has caught me with hand down pants! 

phone shoving

I continued along maintaining just under an 11:30 min pace, I walked through all the water stations. There were 2 really close together (one at 3k and at 5k) and then there was a massive gap where all I wanted was water but couldn’t have it :( I normally carry my water but my hands were full with spatulas ;) lol

I wanted to pee the entire race. I was so happy I only had to go half way :) I felt good for the majority of the race. after 5km my knee was hurting but I remember J Pierre told me to adjust the way my foot was hitting the ground and so I focused on that and it seemed to work enough that I sped up for the middle section of the race. I felt like the km’s were flying by even-though I was running so slow.

SO MANY people asked me about the spatulas. <— obviously ;) I told them they were more than welcome to come visit and submit their times for my race. I told them I do it every year to honor my blogs name and run with them because it’s fun!

Listening to all the comments and seeing the spectators laugh is well worth it :)

Finally around 11k there was a water stop. I noticed a photographer at the end and yelled out WAIT, my spatulas!!! and got them ready and started running. I hear click, click, click “got it”….however there’s no pics of me on their site at all :( so sad.

*EDIT AGAIN* I revoke what I said about My Sports Shooter…..they got me :) Spatula Running FTW!!!

Spatula Running

YAY Spatulas

Once I hit 12km I was starting to feel like I couldn’t wait for the 15k to get there. I tried to pick up the pace each km but I know that even though I kept passing people I wasn’t going any faster. My legs weren’t used to performing for that long. I finally hit 14k and felt a wave of excitement flow over me. I knew I’d be seeing Lyndsey soon!

I sped up and saw her waving me in at the lift bridge. We chatted for a bit and I took her pic :) I told her she didn’t need gloves and that I couldn’t bend over to switch the chip! lol

Lyndz with spatulas

After she left I felt GREAT that I had actually been able to run that. It had been quite a while since I’ve run that far. I saw port-apotty with no line. Went in a literally peed for 10mins. lol


I felt good, even though I look like I’m dying :) I grabbed my post race food and got on a bus. I chatted with the other runners and we all had a great ride back to Copps.

I was glad to have both mine and Lyndsey's jackets to stay warm :) the runners in front of my had their window open!

I was glad to have both mine and Lyndsey’s jackets to stay warm :) the runners in front of my had their window open!

The bus seat partner I got turned out to be a super cool chick. She even offered me her food which got her extra bonus points!!! I LOVE AROUND THE BAY!!!! I’ve never seen such runner camaraderie. I LOVE this race for that. It’s true that it’s magical.

I can’t WAIT to tackle the ENTIRE distance next year. I know I’ll be able to :)

After I made it back to Copps, I had heard from Colin that he was at the 18k marker when I finished so I knew I had time to change some things around in the van. I rolled out my legs and stretched and headed back inside to watch him finish.


I missed him but saw both Paul and Jamie finish. Then we saw Lyndsey come in a while later carrying the amazing spatulas!!! You can read her recap HERE!!!!

Relay Spatula

Here are my splits based on CHIP time:

  • 5k – 35:34
  • 10k – 1:12
  • 15k – 1:48

Lyndsey finished for our team in 3:59!! woooohoooo Both of us said we’d take 2 hrs and we were bang on!!!

Lyndz Finishes with Spatulas

After the race was done we just went home. We said our goodbye’s to J & M and Logan immediately stole my race medal, as he often does…..

Logan race atb medal

Overall it was a great day! I didn’t care that I was slow. I didn’t care that I was injured. I just love being a part of all that is Around the Bay. I could seriously walk that race and have a good time. I bet spectating it is just as fun!!!!

when can I register for next year ;)


is there a race you run each year that just seems to be magical?? 

have you ever KNOWN you’ve had your photo snapped at a race only to have none when the photos are done??

*edit I’m happy now that I’ve found my photos!!!!

what is the highlight of ATB for you – if you ran it???

I just love all the runners :) I love how nice everyone is, picking each other up, speaking motivational words. I love the spectators and couldn’t ask for better ones :) GREAT organization too. It takes a lot of effort to get 11,000 runners together :)