LOOK WHO’s 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off! Thank you all SOOOOO MUCH for your awesome interview tips yesterday. I’ve still got 4 hours to keep practicing. So that’s what I’ll be doing :)

However, someone wanted to tell you all something…..

Logan is 3

* I had to sit him on this chair because I know I have all the other years with him sitting on the same one ;) My aunt did that for her kids and I thought it was cool. STOLEN! 

Anyway, his party isn’t until Sunday afternoon. We are only having family. I think next year he will finally be old enough to have friends over but he’s still at an age where he doesn’t care and I’m all for doing as little as possible while I can ;)

All he wants is a Dora cake so look forward to seeing that over the weekend!!!


Please leave Logan some comments because he always asks if anyone says anything to him ;) haha! 



1. what age did you start throwing real bday parties for your kids?? 

Maybe I’m a horrible mother but the idea of kids over destroying my house doesn’t appeal to me. Plus Logan doesn’t have many friends.