Blog updates


So I don’t know if anyone really cares or not but my blog is slowly but surely coming along. There is still a lot of work that I have to do, however much of it is tedious and thus, I do it a little here and there. The biggest issue has been making sure all my old posts have categories, tags and that there are no dead links. So please bare with me. I still have half to go.

this is supposed to show you how I look after continuously typing and looking at my screen.

some other areas I want to work on/change are as follows:

  • add post titles to “older & newer” posts.
  • add a previous/next option at the bottom of each individual post. I know it’s difficult to navigate right now.
  • add numbers to the comments
  • add an option that directs the user to the bottom of the comments (sorry you have to scroll through)
  • fix my header. My sister designed that logo for me for my b-day and Colin and I shrunk it and it resulted in a very pixelated version of what I wanted. One day it will be crisp and clear, but not today.
**If anyone knows how to do any of that let me know please :) **

some things I’ve done to make your experience easier:

  • linked as many old blog posts as possible to the new ones. so if you came from “running-w-spatulas.blogspot” that’s why the links just transfered you right on over. (kinda like star trek)
  • finally constructed my “subscribe” buttons the way I want – they are horizontal, big enough to see and open in new windows.
  • added a GFC box (if anyone else is thinking of switching over from blogger talk to me first. I found out in hindsight you could take all your old users with you)
  • switched over my RSS feed so anyone following the old blog is instantly notified of the new one.
  • modified my archives to display multiple posts (10 per page)
  • modified the search to display 10 excerpts per page (both the archives and the search were only displaying one post, because that is what I have my home page set to = annoying)
  • added “recent posts” at the bottom and made a link underneath to my “about me” also added a link back to the homepage on individual post pages.
  • added a mobile app to make it easier to read while on your phone!
  • added a new contact form that is super easy to use!
  • added the sidebar so it’s included on not only the homepage but on individual post pages too.

After reading this list doesn’t this make you glad you’re with Blogger or make you want to switch?! If blogger made it possible to send an email with it’s new reply to comments system it would really be superior in every way! WordPress has proven to be nothing but a headache. Although, I am learning more about html and css than I ever thought possible :D


just because this post is so boring I thought I’d take this opportunity to give some link love! I never participate in those games, awards, tagged things…however, I always link those that did tag me because let’s face it, who doesn’t like being tagged and I am still honored that I was :D THANKS!!!

Here’s a big virtual hug to all of you that linked me up!!!! <3 xoxox

Ya I’m not as good as Colin at virtual hugs ;)



1. As a reader is there anything you’ve noticed other than those mentioned that has proven a hassle while visiting this blog? any changes you’d like to see??

2. Blogger or WordPress? why?

I’m kind of torn. I don’t miss my old blog at blogger at all. However, this one forces me to do a lot more work. I love the blogger community and still use my blogger dashboard to follow blogs :) I also just realized all the people I linked are using blogger so this may prove an interesting discussion ;)


**Colin said “no one wants to read about this stuff” – so if that’s the case I apologize. I’m just so excited with all the things I’ve been able to accomplish in regards to the blog over the last month! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!! **