Who doesn’t love a big bow?! and training plans

I took Logan to the Dr yesterday. He was great! and all is fine. He didn’t even need any needles which was nice.

2013-01-28 12.10.25

I never bothered to get an xray for myself because the side of my foot doesn’t hurt anymore <—- YAY! This proves that it was a planting issue and I will have to remain focused during my long runs so I don’t hurt myself more. My entire right leg is hurting…..that long hilly run did a number on my weak side ;) but it’s nothing ice, strength workouts and compression gear can’t fix up! I can’t believe how much biking/not biking impacts my knee! If you have knee issues I highly recommend cycling! 

OH! I forgot to show you guys that I finally made something with my sewing machine….

Photo 186

don’t laugh….I know you’re all envious :)

Yep, that is a ear warmer headband with a massive bow on it …..and I LOVE IT! :D

I found this lovely lady’s site and I have not stopped creeping it since :) Her talent is admirable. I really can’t wait till I’m there. Even her photography is beautiful. Unlike here, where you’d never know I even owned a DSLR because of the immense amount of cell phone and photobooth pics ;) [for those interested HERE is her tutorial]

Last night after I eat massive amounts of Swiss Chalet at my aunts house….


….I was talking to Jamie via fb chat and I asked her if she had her training plan posted anywhere (because seriously who doesn’t want to stalk her crazy training?? ….other than Colin who told me her and Mike were too crazy ;P) and she sent me a link to her plan.

It was not only amazing but the program, RunningAHEAD that she uses is AWESOME! sign up was free so I immediately had to leave our conversation and start building my own plan :)

Picture 11

Here is what the site looks like when viewing your calendar. I haven’t even begun to look into all that RunningAHEAD offers but it emails your scheduled workouts right to you! Which for me, really helps :)

Picture 12

Don’t mind my 500m swims. Those are just pool time with Logan :P lol

Anyway, today I’m planning on tackling a new sewing project. I want to alter this maxi dress I hate into a skirt with a high/low hem! I think it’ll be nice for the summer.

I also plan to run and cycle!


what program/website do you use to log your workouts/make your plans??

I use Dailymile for all my workouts and I usually just made my own plans….but I’m love this new site :) 

do you ever make anything yourself?? as opposed to buying it.

I make my own toner for my face and Lyndsey just made her own hand cream!! I like making things myself. 

who here runs in minimalist shoes?!?!? how long did it take you to transition into your long runs??

I ask because Danielle told me she used to swap out hers for half of her long runs (as my feet aren’t strong enough yet and I start hurting) she suggested a looped route so I could kick my zerodrops off as soon as they started hurting. 

Tips – lay them on me!