Logan’s 3rd Birthday Recap

Thanks again for all the great comments. Logan absolutely loved them :) Friday I was so sick, but I also had my phone interview, so after rocking that I crawled into bed and Colin looked after cleaning the house.

Colin and his friends were going to attempt to “jam” at our house. So I was going to be in charge of the kids. Thankfully my good friends Lianne and Kathryn came over to help me. I threw together some cupcakes because Logan was smart enough to know that Friday was his actual birthday.

kid crazy


It was such a crazy night. Kids up past their bedtimes, heavy metal music throughout the house and sick babysitter. ARGH! lol the things I do as a great wife/mother.

Saturday Logan woke up and wanted his present, as we couldn’t give it to him on his bday with the other kids around. There was already enough antics. He didn’t seem to care anyway….


We got him a LeapPad2 and he was super excited. He calls it “my phone;) lol


I slept the rest of the day and watched an entire season of Gossip Girl :) Then Colin woke me up and we spent the entire night constructing a Dora cake for Logan.

I had the idea to make Map’s map as then I could use these play figures I had bought for him anyway and I felt that would be the easiest. We bought two box mixes so all I had to do was make my amazing swiss meringue buttercream and decorate. We went to bed at midnight and had this as a final product……

Logans Dora Cake

Sunday my family came over and we celebrated properly….


Logan got a ton of gifts but his favourite was from my brother……and it just so happens to be our least favourite ;)

Though we all had fun playing with the “Energy wand” – it lights up and makes sound when a complete circuit is formed.


….any complete circuit.


We ate cake and Wendy’s and it was a great time with family :)



when is your birthday???

what is your favourite flavour of cake?? 

I made one layer vanilla and one chocolate so Logan could pick ;) lol sneaky mom! 

any tips for this age?? my son acts like a bully all of a sudden and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong! help please!