Nothing but Chobani!

So last night I drove into Toronto to have a nice dinner party with some fellow Canadian bloggers and the Chobani crew.

I left at 5pm and made it there just on time at 7pm! YIKES!

There weather was whacky – raining in sheets on and off with breaks of heat and sun. So you know what that means…..


…and reckless- photo-taking driving ;)

You know it’s funny, no matter how many times I’ve been to TO I still get excited when I see the CN Tower in the distance and almost always snap a pic of it…

I should become a professional driving photographer I swear.

Anyway, So I arrive to my destination (on left :P) and I park and ask the attendant where I’m going. He says “Oh just right down that back alley way, the doorman will be waiting for you” …..say what?!

So down the dark alley I go.

Only to be taken through this beautiful restaurant and left in a 5X4 space being told “the elevator guy will be right down” …what elevator?! blogger fail = no pic. However this room had planks all around, an ice chest and I couldn’t even tell where an elevator may be located.

When the guy came down the wall opened I finally relaxed, realizing that I wasn’t going to be part of a horror movie scene….

Pretty snazzy for an old box in an abandoned looking building.

When I arrived and saw the PR agents in coloured denim I knew I had over dressed. Oops! Oh well, I looked hot and I had to trust my mom & coworker, who said if there was even a 1% chance I may meet someone important that might land me a job I should dress nice. So I did.

I did meet a lot of cool bloggers though – me, Steph, Siobhan, Britta & Megan (yes, I am a cool blogger too)

Anyway, the night was filled with fun food that incorporated Chobani’s 0% plain yogurt into the dishes and concluded with a huge mason jar yogurt parfait stand! <—- my kind of party :) 

I seriously want to link everyone up but I forget a lot of blogs – so if you were there last night and came for a visit – link yourself up in the comments :) 

The funniest thing, for me, is that the most memorable person I met there last night happened to be serving me.

Leah Good was on the ball! As a person who works in customer service and ex bartender/server I was really impressed with all the staff at the Fifth Grill & Terrace. ***** = 5 stars! I especially loved the view from the roof top!

Leah not only took awesome pics for everyone but agreed to be in numerous photos and  was extremely personable. I like that in people.

She took this pretty shot of me with my yogurt parfait….

Emily from Chobani couldn’t attend so I got to meet the beautiful Lindsay (I didn’t check the spelling) and she took care of us.

They even sent us home with a lovely gift bag filled with amazing CHO goodness.

Logan and I have already begun devouring it….

Overall I had a great night, met some very cool people and ate amazing yogurt inspired foods. I think Chobani’s marketing team deserves one of my Genius buttons! They are definitely a great company, supporting their local bloggers and it’s all backed up by their great tasting product. I’m SOLD.



1. have you ever attended a blogger meet up before??

Not as Ali Mc but as my previous blog alias. lol

2. ever been to a roof top patio?? 

Sure have, we have one in Hamilton. 

3. do you use Greek yogurt as a baking/cooking substitute?? would you if you knew how?

I want to do so much more now! I used is as sourcream, for dips, in shakes but never in pea soup or as a garnish.