Happy Valentine’s Day XOXO

Ah, February 14th. The holiday of love :)


don’t mind Logan’s eraser marks….he loves to wreck everything

Or for me….the holiday of candy and chocolate! YUM! Colin and I have actually decided NOT to buy each other anything until tomorrow…..when it all goes on sale and we can get double the amount of yummy eats ;) I don’t know about you guys but I think we’re pretty smart.

Logan however, has been counting down the days until the “big heart” so he can have chocolate hearts. He’s been really excited. This morning he almost died when I revealed his gifts……


Yes, those are xmas pjs :) Good thing my son shares. I have taught him well :)


I ate the dark chocolate circle one and he had the milk chocolate rectangle. He’s really obsessed with shapes lately. So much so that when I said “Oh! pick the square” he said “what square mom? that’s a diamond” <— owned.

Pretty soon I’m sure he’ll start correcting my spelling and grammar, which wouldn’t be hard since I’m probably at a grade 3 level ;)

….that’s why I’ll be keeping my sweethearts all to myself :)


Speaking of poor grammar…..and I’m not even kidding. I found one that said “Get HEAR” …..I apologize that I ate it and then could not for the life of me find another but I stared at it forever thinking WHAT?! lol I guess bulk barn sweethearts aren’t cool enough to make any sense.

All I am doing today is running a solid 5 miler on the tready while catching up with One Tree Hill……yep! I’m finally addicted. I really want Dan Scott to die! Am I a horrible person? I really hate him. Anyway…..

I am also going to make some V-day cupcakes because Logan and I bought these…..


I thought they were pretty cute and Logan loved that the trucks had hearts! His favourite colours are pink and red so I imagine he is losing his mind on this holiday!!!! :)

I have also been really working on stretching out my hips. I can’t believe how tight they are. If anyone wants to toss some exercises for hip flexors my way PLEASE do so!

HAPPY VALENTINES!!!!!! and here’s one for all of you :)


You guys have to go to Steve’s post from last year and read the other ones where the above came from. The last one is my ultimate fav!!!! …and is also the one Colin is getting :)


dark chocolate or milk???

either. However I’d ALWAYS choose dark over milk…but I’d never say no to chocolate ;)

Valentine’s Day – YAY or NAY???

I used to be a hater of V-day I hated the “Hallmark Holiday” that it was but now that I’ve grown up I realize that it’s more so about the eating of all things chocolate and amazing that makes me love it.

Any hip stretches you’d care to share??? link up below!!!!