Our Christmas Celebration

Well I hope all of you had a joyous celebration with all of your loved ones yesterday. I really love how families come together around this time of year :) I also wanted to thank everyone that emailed, commented and shared some holiday cheer with me yesterday :D THANK SO MUCH! xo

Logan started our Christmas morning at quarter to 7 am! and he was actually really good about waiting for me to get my morning caffeine :) He was so excited that I think this was my favourite xmas thud far! watching him open his gifts was just awesome! 

Here’s what Santa brought him :)

train set from santa

* it says “I couldn’t wrap your whole gift, go downstairs to find the rest – Love Santa” 

Rex enjoyed his treats….

Rex's gifts

* that bone is already destroyed – I love the dollar store

Santa brought Colin socks!!! …. among other things ;)


I got a whole bunch of cool stuff but those photos didn’t want to upload – you can be thankful you don’t have to scroll through that mess ;) 

My mom and Jay came over to exchange gifts and Logan cashed in some more!

me and Lo on xmas

Colin and I were horrible at taking photos because we had to host morning Christmas brunch. So just know that it was a good time. I actually loved hosting and thought it was much easier than I anticipated. Especially considering it was a potluck and I now have a fridge full of leftover goodies :)

But fun things did definitely happen! ….like Nic and Dan on skype from Brasil!!!!

Skyping with Nic & Dan

and we played a crazy stealing gifts game!!! (gifts were $25 and could be anything you wanted. Most were amazing!) 

steal game

I left with the present I bought ;) which I actually love!!!! – who doesn’t adore fish in love on a ceramic mug?! …NOBODY!

fish mug

Then we all fell asleep playing Nintendo :) 

NES nap down

It was the BEST.DAY.EVER!



1. What are your Boxing Day plans??

I’m working – retail – at the mall! Wish me luck :) <—- ps: due to this I won’t be online much until next week. Just know that I love you :D xoxooxox

2. what did Santa bring you?

Cute black boots :)

3. My favourite moment of yesterday was ___________________??

The steal game and being with my family. Also watching the joy in Logan’s eyes!