Run, Flowers & I <3 ME

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. You’re all my Valentine! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I know mine wasn’t really all that exciting but it involved sugar and so I’m ok with that :)

My day started out with an almost painless run in the Altras! <— if you like these shoes be sure to check in on Monday :) I managed 4 out of the 5 miles I wanted without my IT band killing me. I really admire all you runners with IT band syndrome. It is painful.


I actually don’t have it. They think my injury is an over-use injury. I laughed so hard. Ali Mc and over-use just don’t seem to go together….lol

Anyway I was so happy to get the run done! and then I went right to rolling this tight-ass out. I’ve still got a big race after all!

Scary rolling face

I apologize for the above shot. I’m trying this new thing called don’t wash your hair for as long as possible. I think this was four days (!!) I promise you I had a shower right after….

…..though not before these beauties arrived!


Before you all start swooning over how great of a guy Colin is….there’s something you need to be aware of….


Yep, I’m pretty sure my name is Alison….not Robin!

The delivery guy smiled at me when I opened the door and then when I said “Oh Colin” He said, “Oh would you mind getting these to your beautiful next door neighbour?” (!!!!!!!!!!) I said sure and slammed the door. Robin is really lucky I like her. I was going to put them in a vase and tell Colin thank you ;) lol

I ended my day making cupcakes with Logan and since Colin came home sans chocolate there was only one person this message was for….



you know you love me I love me


Ali Mc ;)


PS: Colin lied to me and brought some chocolate in from the car with a cute card later in the evening but I think you’ll recall that chocolate hiding/tossing or eating is a crime that’s punishable in this household.


what did you do yesterday?? 

what was your last workout??

have you ever had something delivered to you that wasn’t for you??