New PR – Rex’s Recap

I’m not a talented writer. Sometimes I sit and wonder why anyone even reads my blog ;) so you won’t find a cool Rex told version of the race here. He’s a dog and doesn’t talk. So I’ll be telling you how this race went from my perspective – the pack leader ;)

Race eve I took Rex out for a really slow and easy 3/4 mile jog and we walked to make sure the hands free leash set up using a SPIbelt would work. I usually tie his leash around my waist, but that always leaves me constantly adjusting it so I’m glad we used this belt + shorter lead option. Hands free is always safer ;)

The morning of the race I got up and walked Rex around the block while drinking my tea – that’s how slow and connected we were. It was a walk to burn off psychological energy. I knew the race people and other dogs would get him excited so I wanted to make sure he was calm and submissive before we even left. <—– see I think I’m a pack leader.

We packed everything up and headed to the race. Rex was excited but I made him sit in the car (with the door wide open) until Logan, Colin and all the gear was out of the car. Then I invited him out. *for anyone training their dogs, these small steps are key!

I felt really good upon arrival. The only thing that worried me was the heat. I didn’t know if it’d be too much for Rex. However, I didn’t have any time goals so I knew we could always stop to walk or go at a slower pace.

Logan was ready and loving every second of the event ;)

*yep, those are girls sun glasses. But they were Dora and yellow – so he loves them. Thanks Gma!

Logan also got to see a puppy – which is his most favourite thing in the whole wide world = PUPPIES!!!!!

My brother came out to cheer me on and he said – hey why not ditch the dog and get a PR…..but I declined and said this was Rex’s race.

I’m so glad I did because when we lined up at the start it was apparent he was the only dog running today. He sat there nicely and was anxious to get going.

As soon as the starting gun went off Rex followed no issues. He was a bit harder to control than he normally is, as at first he didn’t like that people were running behind him. He kept trying to look behind. However once the crowd spaced out we got into such a rhythm that I didn’t even need to worry about him. It felt like I was running alone.

I turned on my ipod stopwatch (I wasn’t running with music but had no other watch so I had that tucked into my waterbottle pouch) about 2 mins into the race. As I completely forgot. So when we hit the 2km mark and I check the time and it said 13 mins I was happy.  I figured that was a good pace for finishing in 30mins.

Rex doesn’t like to drink water on the fly – ever. I always offer it to him but you have to stop completely and even then most times he won’t take it. It was so hot that random passerby’s were yelling at me for running with Rex. “It’s not fair!” “He needs water” – DOGS PANT TO SWEAT – FACT! Anyway, I stopped once to offer him water after that because I felt guilty, however he took none and we wasted 15secs :P

* side story: after the race my brother told me I should make dog running pamphlets and toss them at ignorant people like that while I’m running. FYI – I’m totally doing it. I can’t tell you how many people yell at me for running with my WELL TRAINED dog well their canine is barking their head off trying to get off the leash to attack me ;) BRAVO!

Anyway, At the half way point Rex was picking up the pace. This surprised me. I was really feeling the heat and I didn’t want him to burn out so I kept reminding him – “Let me keep the pace or you’ll crash” – he listened.

At approimately the 3.5-4k mark there was a water station. We stopped and the girls tried to give Rex water, he wouldn’t take it so I said can you just pour it over him. All the girls poured their cups of cold water over him and when we started to run again he was ready to race :)

We took off!

I was even holding back, wanting to maintain some steam for the last 200 meters.

When I saw the finish line in the distance we picked it up further. I’m convinced Rex just knew we were heading back to Colin – he loves Colin so much and would prefer him over me any day :P

At about the 100 meter mark we blew past 5 other runners and finished at 25:42! WOOOOHOOOOO!

Rex is trained to know directions. It’s helpful during runs because I simply shout “Left” and he goes beside me. It’s makes for flawless heeling action ;) He also knows “cross” which means we’re crossing the road. Anyway at the last sharp turn I was yelling “RIGHT! RIGHT!” but for whatever reason Rex went super wide and that’s why there’s a huge gap between us in the finishing photos ;)

Rex also ran right into a pylon and the camera man. It was Epic!

Rex & I rocked this 5k! 

If I’m completely honest. We didn’t train properly for this race. Having being too scared to jump right into speedwork and higher millage, the longest run we had tackled was the race distance ;)

However everything went well beyond any of my expectations. I am SO proud of Rex. He really deserves that medal. This was his race :) He really paced me at the end there and wanted to race. I love that about him.

I am also so proud of myself because this was my smartest race to date. I finished strong and felt like I could’ve gone further. Which leaves me with the confidence that I will be able to achieve my sub 25 goal – soon :)

This race was the smallest race I’ve ever ran. Although, this is only my 3rd race ever, so that’s not saying much. My other 2 races had thousands of participants. This one had 140! I think that not having to weave around so many people helped me a lot. 

For all those that think running with dogs is mean – check out my happy dogs face crossing the finish line. 



1. what’s your current 5k PR??

2. Do you think it’s safe for me to resume speedwork and hills now that I’m “back to normal”?

I’m feeling good lately. This running naked and without so much pressure is doing a world of good for me. I think that’s why I was able to race smart this time. 

3. Isn’t Rex the best!!!!!!!