To the Mom’s with Logan

Yesterday I had another in person, round 2 interview……It was with 3 people. I think I was pretty much crazy but we’ll see – I hear Friday. I’ll keep you posted.

Good news is I got to spend some time at my mom’s yesterday, as she watched Logan for me while I went and when we came back we all just hung out. It was nice.

We had our family’s usual, Wendy’s. I don’t have a Wendy’s near my house so whenever we go to my mom’s we’ve gotten so used to begging for burgers :)


That Big Bacon Classic….or whatever they’re calling it now, may have quite possibly been one of the worst food decisions I’ve ever made! It went right through me. YUCK!

Logan loves my mom. Sometimes I think he wishes she was his mom…..actually, if I’m honest sometimes I wish my mom would adopt Logan for weeks at a time ;)

They sure do love each other :)


We spent the whole afternoon trying to guess which colour cards would appear in a deck and eating. Logan always finds something crazy to do….like play with the flashlight.

20130226_175420I’ve been feeling pretty crappy as of late. I have a lot going on right now, things I’ll get to stress about to you in the near future ;) I know, you’re excited right? You love hearing about my problems.

Workout for today is to run as long as I can manage! I am only 5 miles off of January’s mileage –  so 6 miles by the end of tomorrow would be AMAZING!!! if I’m to beat my mileage and maintain my goal :)

We had only 50 of you register for the race yesterday! I want to beat last year’s participation so we can get MORE sponsors and more prizes for you all in years to come!!! So please Spread The Love and share my race :) xoxxo


what did you eat for dinner last night??

are you racing with me???

ask Logan or Colin a question….they always get bored reading about me ;) 

What is your favourite fast food joint??

Wendy’s or New York Fries :) YUM!