Cottage life for me :)

YAY! I’m back!

I missed you all so much. I feel like I don’t know what’s going on….please fill me in – how were your weekends and the start of your weeks??

As you all know, we went up north. Instead of boring you by having a whole whack of meaningless words I’ve decided to do my notorious – photo scrolls you love so much. You’re welcome :)


I just wanted to share the above elated shot of me after I FINALLY got up on the wake board this year :) <—- all that strength training is paying off :)

I did something I’ve never done before – I made a “gallery” so those that wish to look at all my pics may do so, and those that don’t can skim right over.

Logan loved the cottage. I think this year he really got to reap it’s full rewards, being able to do much of the activities right alongside us. I loved seeing him so happy :) xo

The cottage really rejuvenated all of us and we had a great time :) Looking forward to telling you more about it tomorrow. Unfortunately, Colin got into a bad car accident this morning (someone rear ended him on the highway) and although he’s fine we are going to be doing lots of stuff with the insurance all day.



1. tell me something interesting you did this weekend

2. have you ever been wake boarding?? water skiing?? 

I grew up having a cottage but was always too scared about falling and having to float in the unchartered waters to try any water sports. Once I got older I got sick of my fears and have slowly started to conquer them all – I’ve been trying to get up on the wake board since 2008!!!!! 2012 was my year and my confidence in myself and my new found strength really helped :)

3. for my American friends – do you have bagged milk??? (i was told you don’t – hence my SIL with our milk)