New Swag & Eating CleanER

I had a great run yesterday. It was a weird moment. Logan told me I needed to run. I don’t normally run when he’s awake and his nap was too short today, as they’re finally diminishing. He just looked over and said, “Mom, you go run, I eat cookies and watch Dora“….ok :)

So I did. I ran in the Altras seeing as anything other than barefoot runs have been hurting me and the 3 miles went by smooth and amazingly well :)

In other news Handful sent me a whole whack of stuff and I just want you all to know how much I am LIVING …..yes living in their new adjustable tank :) I seriously love this company – is that weird?? lol I have deep feelings for a brand….something must be wrong with me – or maybe it’s just awesome! You should check them out because their new products are 10,000X better than their original and I LOVE their original bras – I currently own 5!!! :)

Other OMG moments include…….the fact that I am currently reading The Eat Clean Diet!!!

Me and clean eating! WOW!!!! Has Hell frozen over because I never thought I’d see the day where I was interested in that! I thought you’d never read those words here on RwS, but here I am: trying to eat better and actually enjoying it! Who knew!!!

I think my journey towards self acceptance and love is what happened. It wasn’t until I started caring about my self that I began realizing what I was actually doing to my skin and my body. I have horrible skin, you last saw me on a vlog and told me my skin was great (thank you) and while it does look good if I a) don’t pick it and b) since switching to self-made skin care regiment, when something does trigger a break out – like sunscreen at the cottage coupled with a Wendy’s burger on the way home that picking begins again and the cycle goes on and on.

The same can be said for my eating habits. Once I start eating chocolate I want more! Although right now I’m watching Colin eat an ice cream sandwich and all I can think about is how I’m mad the grocery store was out of kale. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?

I am not going to lie I used to steer clear of too many “clean eating” sites because I thought they came off as “better than me” or too preachy …or if I’m honest I was upset because I wanted to eat like them but had no clue how!

since starting to pay attention to how I feel after what fuels my body I think I’m finally ENJOYING PRODUCE! lol I find it hilarious - I’m loving how making all my own food connects me to my womenly roots. I feel so connected to my ancestors. Even Logan has begun “making” cleaner food choices….

It’s really good Mom” – if you have ever had to pretend eat plastic food raise your hand….

 Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys that as much as food is difficult for me to understand, I’m learning what “healthy” means to me and better still I’m actually enjoying it. I feel like a true foodie now. I am even creating my own ideas for healthier options on some of my tried and true classics.

I hope to have an Ali Mc-made clean eating Pumpkin Pie Blizzard by next week ;) lol Of course, that obviously means I’ll HAVE to get a real one, just for comparison purposes obviously.





1. how much would you say you know about food?? rate it 1-10

On a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest I’d give myself a 5 or 6 at my current standing. FOOD IS SO MYSTERIOUS! Why is this not a mandatory component in schools??? 

2. LAY IT ON ME: how often do you indulge? and if you do, does your body look the way you want it to?? 

I ask because the main reason I want to eat better is because I’m tired of looking so unhealthy, even though the doc told me I was the epitome of health…

3. ever eaten plastic food?? 

I’m just curious b/c even though as a mother I have to pretend to eat plastic food, it reminded me of a time my mother bought plastic fruit as a centerpiece in our kitchen and I think we have all tried to actually eat it at one point or another ;P 

4. who’s running today?? 

I am :D