Why Run? and other things…

Watching 6 entire seasons of Gossip Girl in a month will change a person. Not only do you fantasize that Chuck Bass is a real person and that you’re Blair Waldorf but you begin to realize that not having drama in your life is a true blessing. Though I still wish I had all their clothes ;)

2013-01-17 10.59.20

yes my macbook IS missing the “D” key – you can thank Logan

Now that I’m back to embracing reality, life is good. Logan and I began this morning with yoga in bed – a really amazing concept, you must try it!

I swear this is a pose - crab maybe?

I swear this is a pose – crab maybe?

Of course….be warned that if you should try and do anything with a 3 year old in bed that it may turn into anything BUT relaxing…..

…..like a huge “fort” for hiding.

2013-01-15 10.28.25

can you find Logan?? …and yes, these were taken on different days :P

This morning I chose to get on the bike instead of the treadmill. I ran yesterday and might run outside tonight instead. The issue I have with running is the fact that it always seems to hurt me!

2013-01-15 17.12.02

I got new compression tights and I LOVE them :)

My foot has been bothering me for quite some time now, so much so that when I do a long run sometimes I’m forced to take 3 or more days off! I have a doctor’s appt on Monday. I know I LOVE running! So I just want to get an x-ray to make sure I’m not making my foot worse so I won’t have any excuses :)

No more excuses!!! Dad takes me out....you will too!

No more excuses!!! Dad takes me out….you will too!

Speaking of running love, I’m currently reading this book….

2013-01-23 09.30.04

Sport Chek gave it to me to inspire me, so I’m trying to find some solace there. I wanted to share a few of my favourite “why I run” reasons he states in his book….

  • because it’s hard [side note: I think that’s my favourite part of running. It’s the reason so many people don’t, but the reason why so many of us still do it ;)]
  • because you can take it anywhere.
  • because it clears your head
  • because you can set a goal and if you achieve it, it’s unequivocal, unambiguous, absolute and total and complete, unlike almost anything else in life.
  • because it gets you outside, on good days and bad, even in the winter […] it makes you feel tough and hearty, which you never thought you were.
  • because it makes you think you have something in common with world class athletes  […] because even though you’ll never win anything you know what it’s like to train for something.
  • because it makes you feel alive <— paraphrasing.

I’m actually really enjoy it :) I never realized how running is very Canadian until reading his chapter about Terry Fox. We really are a running nation and I’m so proud to be a part of it :)


why do you run??

My reason is always the same and most likely always will be – I run to gain a connection to my body. My mind never shuts up but on a run I feel more meditative, like I actually finally have control over my mind and I can say SHUT UP ;) 

GG fans – did you like the finale??? 

Colin actually only watched the first 2 seasons and told me the ENTIRE time he thought GG was who it turns out to be…..how does he do this. 

who ran outside in the freezing yesterday???

not I, but Colin and Rex braved it. Colin said Rex loved it but he had icicles hanging from his mouth. lol Reminds me of the runner pics I see with the white eye lashes….or the time my water bottle froze!!