Race EVE because I forgot to tell you all about it…..

First off I need to back track to Saturday and tell you how excited I was for my BFF Jamie to arrive in CANADA and stay at my house (yes, Mike, you’re cool too). They showed up in the early afternoon and I was beyond excited!

Jamie & Me

Colin and I really wanted to pick up some new Altras at the race expo and so we decided to head there. Chris promised me a discount for my amazing review of the Intuitions and I didn’t want Colin to miss out on that, plus the fact that there would be NO shipping costs.

Altra wall

Colin left with the new instincts and I left with a complementary pair of Torin’s! THANK YOU CHRIS :D <—- best company ever! I’ll review them as soon as I pound out some miles in them but the coles notes version is “running on a cloud” :)

Then it was onto Wendy’s as we promised Logan if he was good at the expo he could have a milkshake. He was upset that we were going two times. He told me he already went and once was enough! lol kids.


Oh course I had to have a frosty……


When we finally got back to our place it was time to start dinner. Colin and I made Chicken Parm!!!! YUM!!!!! I’ll have to share the recipe because it was sooooooo good :) I want to make it again.

While Jamie and Mike played/entertained Logan…..and taught him how to use their “stick”…I love that thing! Must buy it :)


We ate a runner’s dinner and talked and watched KT tape instructional videos….I think Mike even tackled some nintendo for a while and then we went to bed :)

chicken parm

I set my alarm for 6am because I always hit the snooze and my sister was due to arrive at 7:45am to watch Logan. I fell right to sleep the day was very exhausting for me……

…..stay tuned for tomorrow’s race recap! I just couldn’t NOT tell you about how much I love hanging and eating with Jamie and Mike….especially before a race!



……and yes, I’m not looking in the right spot ;)


what is your go to “night before a race meal”??

Pasta!!!! plus protein. It is SOOOOO true that pasta just sits so well with a runner. I’ve never switched off of it since Road2Hope. It’s the only races I haven’t felt sick. 

do you ever buy anything at race expos??

not normally but I will always take free things and/or discounts :) FRUGAL! 

do you have blogger friends??? ie: friends you’ve met through this community??

Yes! I try to meet anyone I can! if the opportunity is there, I’ll take it :) I love this community!!!! xoxoxo