Gleek, Anti-Run & Dr’s in the House!

Am I the only Gleek that spent last night watching the season finale of Glee last night??


As soon as I got in the door from work I was all ready for Nationals!

I think I might be the only person over 16 that actually loyally watches this show every week but it’s ok. I am pretty sure that the show will be done next year.

In running news I have to level with you guys.

I’ve been having a rough time. I keep getting all these set backs thrown at me – I keep trying to tell myself “Hey! that’s life” but seriously! I would like to run…..sometime soon!

Today I am planning on running with Rex. Seeing as our 5k is less than 4 weeks away I’m just going to take him on all my training runs. I didn’t even get to finish my “phase back into running” calendar. I just felt like I needed something to kick my ass into gear – and a race will do that!

I have no time goals because of Rex. I don’t want to push his out of shape self too hard. We’ll just rock it and have fun ;) so for that reason I think I may just stick with the calendar.



In family news (I usually don’t post about extended fam)

but I am sooooooo dang proud of my cousin Lauren that I wanted to share something with you all…..

She just got accepted to 3 medical schools!!!! 

Hello Dr. Lauren!

Congrats Lauren – you totally deserve this and we are all super proud of you and all your accomplishments :) xox



1. any other Gleek’s? or is it just me??

2. running – why am I not loving it like before??

3. any doctors in the house? nurses?? technicians?? 

My mom is a lab technologist at the hospital and does all the blood/urine/sputum and bowel stuff…..or maybe she does more than that but I have no clue what goes on in there ;)