Updates – I’ll be away next week & Happy Easter!

Hey sports fans! <—- for whatever reason I’ve always wanted to open with that.

ANYWAY! I need to update you all on what my life will be like starting next week because I’m super afraid I won’t have any time to blog!! :'( …..I know! what will I do without your feedback and guidance?!? I love you guys!

VIRTUAL HUG! <— it’s been far too long!

Photo 242

Monday I begin my new job, which begins as full-time hours for 6 weeks. I’ll be working 9am-5pm. HERE’s the catch. My current employer, who rarely even gives me shifts (hence the need for another job) has increased my hours immensely!! I’m working 40 hours at the bank and 23.5 hours at the mall. That’s a 64hour work week! So I literally leave one job and drive to the next.

* I aware some of you may work that or more regularly. However, it’s going to be a HUGE shock for me. I’m lucky if I work 2 nights a week.*

my schedule

This means I won’t be home till my new bed time, NOR will I get to see Logan (except for one hour in the morning before I drop him off at daycare for 8am) I’m really sad about that. Logan is my little man. However, he’s super excited about daycare and his daycare provider has a private facebook account for only the parents that she posts pics and such to. So at least I’ll be able to creep him ;)

What makes things EXTRA difficult is the fact that the Spatula Runners Virtual Race is over this weekend and I know for a fact I won’t be able to pick all the winners and get them published.

  • Enter your times HERE
  • Submit your picture(s) HERE

don't miss out!


So hopefully you all don’t mind waiting till the weekend?? In exchange for your patience Colin is hosting a Tommie Copper Giveaway tomorrow on the blog so you guys have another prize you can possibly take home! YAY!

I’d just like to say that I’m loving all the support everyone’s been giving me and this race! So thank you. Some of the photos are amazing!!!! and I love hearing the stories about your races. If you had a recap on your blog link it up in the comments!!! 

I promise to do my very best to get everything organized as soon as possible, but my main focus has to be me and my family. I am prepping ALL my food this weekend and also plan to wake up early for any workouts :) wish me luck.

If I can post. I will! but don’t worry things should be normal again the following week :)

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

dyed eggs with Logan


What are your Easter plans?!?!?

Today we’re heading to my moms (Sam look for me!) I’ll be there all day and it’s going to be a FULL house! 5 kids and 20+ adults….well 4 of those adults are teenagers. I have to make roasted veggies :) it’s a potluck and my mom will make ham :) 

Tomorrow I work and Sunday it’s off to Colin’s fam’s for TURKEY!!!! YAY :)

Did you write a Spatula Runner recap??? If so post it below and/or email me the link – I’ll post them all :) 

have you ever worked more than 40 hours a week?? do you have tips for working out and working?? 

I hope to wake up early and get my workouts in :) but I’m open to all you full timers tips and tricks :)