Couples that run together, have fun together ;)

Today was the first long run I’ve been able to go on since ATB training commenced. Oops! I was so happy that Rachel could come over and look after Logan so that we could get a solid 8 miles in.

2013-01-20 08.59.25

The weather was nice and sunny but insanely windy! I’m talking really windy….at some points in our run I could’ve sworn I heard Aunty Em screaming for Dorothy!

…but we could obviously standstill for an instagram pose ;)

2013-01-20 09.08.11

The first 4k/2 miles were directly into 50km/hr winds! and I forced Colin to stop to walk a few times as I felt like running was just wasting my energy.

photo 1

Once we hit the stairs and found the trail all was great :) The trees provided awesome cover and we had the majority of our run together covered and safe from the crazy winds.

2013-01-20 09.47.38

My feet keep bothering me but I made it through. Colin kept encouraging me and we picked up the pace when we got passed by a bunch of older women.

2013-01-20 09.47.45

Colin kept the pace and slowed me down, which I was thankful for by the end of our run when we returned up the mountain to the treacherous winds. I have never been more grateful that a run was over.

2013-01-20 10.17.53

However I am SO glad I got out there! I’ve been feeling really lax about fitness lately and I’m really glad I finally forced myself to do some training. 30km’s aren’t going to run themselves and it’s time I started taking my training seriously.

I loved running with my husband though! Seriously – anyone reading this who’s partner doesn’t run – show them this post and tell them Ali Mc says forcing spouses to run together is so beneficial……

photo 3

….just look at us :)

Tomorrow morning I plan on returning to morning workouts and going back to my regular fitness-obsessed self.

If I make an excuse – feel free to yell at me ;)


what was your run this weekend??? anyone racing??

have you ever fallen out of love with fitness?? 

nope, this time was a first for me. I literally couldn’t be less interested. So I’m forcing. Get me excited!!! 

name 3 things that happened to you since we last spoke??

Colin and I shared a romantic dinner together and watched Predator for his bday, I watched the rest of Gossip Girl and only have the finale left! I had a great interview with the bank and hope to hear good news this week *cross fingers*