We Finished!!!!

In case you’re not a facebook fan….

….we ALL finished Around the Bay!!!!! 

This is the first time I’ve raced and didn’t have a) people spectating ie: taking photos and b) had a small enough race that photos were in fast. So I’ll be waiting until I receive the race photos AND my relay partners pics before doing my full recap.

However, just because I don’t want to leave you all hanging…..

Here are our results:

Colin FINISHED!!! <— so proud of him! 

  • Gun Time: 3:36:29
  • Chip Time: 3:29:18
Colin finished ATB

he was so excited he didn’t unwrap his medal ;)

Lyndsey and I both FINISHED <—- I feel like finishing is the important part.

  • Combined Gun Time: 4:06:13
  • Combined Chip Time: 3:59:01
  • Our Splits (based on chip) – I made it to the 15k at 1:48 and Lyndz finished in 2:11 …I’m super impressed because she had all those hills!!!!
Relay Spatula

Love this girl!!! cousin love <3

This is by far my slowest race ever but you know what I actually don’t even care! :) I didn’t train for it and I’m injured and I actually think it went awesome! I ran at a comfortable pace and pushed it for the last half. I was responsibe about my body and had realistic expectations of what I was capable of…..

…..which means Ali Mc – Learned a LESSON!!! :) Can’t wait for the full recap!!! Hope you’re all running your Spatula Runner Races and submitting your photos!!!!!

PS: Jamie and Mike did awesome! I’ll talk more about them tomorrow :)


Did YOU race Around The Bay???? Let me know how it went in the comments!!!!! 

Have you ever had fun at a race even if you weren’t at your best, and felt proud regardless???

Yes! both years at ATB, though this year I think I was better at accepting :) 

Did you race this weekend?? or do a Spatula Runner event???