Bro’s b-day, Jostling & Family Sillies

As you all know yesterday was this guys 25th birthday! 

he’s too cool for me, apparently.

I tried to get my Ab-tastic workout done. Everyone excused me of showing off, when really I just thought I’d better get it in before the cake ;)

During my crunches my mother decided that she’d had enough….

and the result – pillow harassment (which then Logan jumped in on, thanks mom)

I wish I could tell you I make this stuff up in name of the blog, but alas this actually happened.

Then it was cake time!!

we always put “codes” on the cake using the candles as we never have enough to do our actual ages anymore….do you get it?

Logan was loving every second of seeing Uncle J ;) and he also loves his flashlight when he goes to “Gram’s”

Afterwards we did what any family does when they get together……

We created a new game and played it of course! Jostling-Jos or Don’t Jostle or whatever made-up game we were playing that involved us tossing a ball into the other teams bucket – without “Jostling” it ;)

It doesn’t look very fun but I assure you it was! Logan was part of the game – you had to play around him, even if he went right in front of the bucket. I basically did nothing like the above photo implies but then managed to score the winning goal! JOST!

Logan made Jay a birthday card.

Overall it was a great time! and a great day. I hope my brother had a good birthday. It seemed like a pretty cool one to me :)


The cake was dense, and very nice. It was a shortbread vanilla cake so I will post the recipe for that later :)



1. who has a birthday coming up?? where are the taurus’ and gemini’s? 

2. anyone else create fun games on the fly?? 

we make up so many games it’s nothing new for me ;)

3. what’s your workout today??

I am not following that running plan till next week so I’m doing the April Calendars and a cycle and if there’s time a short run :)