Happy Thanksgiving USA and a lot more…..


I hope you’re all enjoying amazing food, family and good times. I am so thankful for this community and the relationships I have made because of it. So thank you :)

Here’s to you! CHEERS :)



I haven’t run since Tuesday!!!!!! (ps: I’ll most likely bike and/or run today while watching the Canadian Bachelor finale – NO SPOILERS please) 

I am having such a hard time getting up. This morning I slept through my alarm. No, I don’t mean I hit the snooze button and kept on sleeping. No, I don’t mean I shut the alarm off and said “screw it”….

I mean I literally slept through the constant beeping…..for over an hour!

Now I’m so curious – how long does an alarm continue to go off ?!?!? 



I followed my own advice yesterday and went outside with Logan and we played at the park. Good times.

It was so sunny out so after our late morning snack we walked to the park. Logan had a blast! while I basked in the sun and allowed myself to feel better. I refuse to get mad at myself for not working out.

I’m allowed to take breaks….even if they are all the time ;)

I could always log the cleaning we did yesterday…


* Lo was so ashamed he had to hide during the photos


don’t worry you can bet I made Logan clean with me and taught him all about starting in one section and moving to the next. We sorted everything and put it all back :)



I love that Brittany shared that putting frozen berries in hot oatmeal instantly melts the berries…… I don’t know why my chemistry background didn’t help me figure that out ;) but I’ll take it!

I am in love with this breakfast!

I froze these berries fresh from the market, and you can tell :)



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1. what are you thankful for today??

2. what’s your most favourite holiday food??

Definitely any and most all desserts! I live for those treats at the end of the meal :) 

3. are you a neat freak??

I used to be a slob when I had my mom cleaning up after me…then when I moved out on my own I became just like her – obsessed with a clean house. Now, since having Logan, Rex and even Colin ;) and seeing that the entire house can instantly become a disaster in seconds I’ve calmed down and only clean once a week and tidy daily :)