I ran – twice! and more home and Logan

So after all of your lovely comments yesterday when I got home from an amazing physio session (I felt great after) I asked Colin’s mom to stay and watch Logan for a while longer while I took Rex on a run! 

We did a walk/run combo for 2.2 miles. When he walked I did high knees – trying to keep my heart rate up.

It was a good run!

Afterwards I had to stretch Rex and myself out really well but overall I’m actually excited to have something to train for again :)


I loved the run so much that when Colin got home I switched shoes and headed out again on my own…

I know, I know….probably not the best decision, but it was slow and I felt great! bagged another 2.5 miles :D

Even Logan was excited to have his mom back :)

*FYI – you will note the “sweat pink” tank <— thanks Jamie & Alyse. However, as you all know I can’t commit to anything so I’m not an ambassador. I’ll just be giving one away next week for you guys :) YAY!!! <—- who doesn’t want a cool tank top (?!)

Anyway, I am trying to be smart with my injury and so even though the PT said I could run as much as I wanted (as long as I didn’t go crazy) I immediately stretched everything out again, foam rolled like a man woman (it hardly hurt which means I’m getting quite skilled at it) and iced my hip/groin and shin too :) LESSON LEARNED 

Colin refused to take a pic of how I have to foam roll my groin….I’ll show you one day ;)


In Logan news, because I love him and he’s amazing, he really likes Greek yogurt. Chobani needs to send me some more ;)

Beg my child, beg.

I wish we had taken a video of this because I could not stop laughing! He was just saying “Ahhhhhhhhh” and jumping up and down saying “Please mom, pppppplllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeee;)

We have been spending a lot of time outside, hence why I’ve been the worst blog visitor ever! It’s pretty hard to see my phone screen outside.

But we’re productive nonetheless…

ya, we drew the whole alphabet, backwards, on the interlocking bricks we’re going to be using for our yet-to-be-built back patio. Colin was so impressed ;)

We got those bricks for free! and we basically take anything for free and make use of it. So  now we’re designing what we will do and I think over the next few weekends we’ll be constructing it :)

The basement is done aside from baseboards and window treatments….oh and the custom door we need heading into the laundry room. So we started moving stuff into it, and Lo couldn’t be happier.

but he could be clearer.



1. are you guys spending more time away from the computer now that the weather is nice??

2. what’s the last run you went on and how did it make you feel?

3. do you ever use a tennis ball to roll?? any tips or tricks??