Races….is it too early?

Is it too early for me to be discussing what my next race will be?


well then is it too early to contemplate doing a half marathon in June?

I really like the looks of this one in Barrie.

I still want to do a 5k with Colin sometime soon. Although he hasn’t really been running….so, that’s an issue. I’m going to threaten to share his dm account with you to hold him accountable ;)

Although the cool thing about the Barrie Half Marathon is that you can also do it as a relay – so Colin and I could do it together!!!! then it would only be 1/2k over a 10k – REDEMPTION! 

I haven’t asked him yet but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be excited! 

What's that babe? A half marathon relay? YOU BET YOUR ASS I'M IN!

I think that’s how it will go.

(Colin, if you’re reading this that IS how it will go)

Oh, and what do you know….Hal’s 10k novice plan is for 8 weeks – the exact amount of time we have till the race on June 17th. It’s like I planned this or something.


I wanted to squeeze in a 5k race or two over the summer and then if the injury is healed and running is going well I’ll be able to do a full-half (a full half? lol) in the fall. Preferably the Niagara International Half Marathon! Or the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon :) either one would be great and not till October.


In other news – I have to do 60 sec plank groupings today. In no way do I want to do this…..

  • 60 sec centre plank
  • 60 sec side plank (left)
  • 60 sec centre plank
  • 60 sec side plank (right)

…..4 times in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to try and do it – even if I have to take a huge rest in between each set.

I have to clean the house today so occassionally that means I won’t be doing cardio. As I’ve been known to log cleaning as a dailymile workout ;)


3 things you should check out – once you’ve answered my blog questions ;)

  1. The cutest Kelly is hosting a pretty cool Raffle – I haven’t donated, so I’m spreading the word :)
  2. Words to Run By is hosting a cool giveaway if you need insoles – I entered :)
  3. Did you see Cait’s shirts??? I want one!



1. is it just me or are relay’s the most fun race in the world?? 

2. do you like doing planks?? if so, do they ever get easier??

3. have you ever logged anything random as a workout?

I’ve logged mirror-bedroom-dancing, housework, gardening, shoveling snow…..yep looks like I’m kinda crazy 

can you leave a comment telling Colin how awesome it’d be if he would train for a race with me! please? ;)