Strength, Snack Stealing & More Sewing

So yesterday I tried to do 10 pushups and it was hard for me (!!) which sucks. If you remember I was getting super strong! However, I came up with a starting plan to fall back into strength training…..

Starting workout

I made the above workout list for myself and I plan to do that at least once daily, on top of all my other workouts. Then I’ll increase the number of reps by 5 and the time by 10 sec weekly. Of course I’m still planning on doing real strength, but those workouts only fall bi-weekly, so this will be much like doing the Monthly Challenge calendars, but it’s small enough that my lazy winter self won’t get intimidated :)

Today’s workout is legs and a ZWOW to get me back in the powerhouse. If you’ve never tried to tackle one of Zuanna’s workouts I highly recommend them. I remember feeling pretty hardcore after completing my first one #23 ;)


I couldn’t find a cool pic of zwow 23 so you can look at this person’s 13.


Colin left an entire Reese PB cup bar at the house yesterday. How I managed to only eat one is beyond me! but you’re welcome Colin.

2013-01-29 12.48.11

He really needs to be more careful…. ps: chips aren’t “hiding” on the top shelf of the cupboard.

In other news, in case you hadn’t noticed already….

I’ve really become obsessed with learning to sew! I left this post to look up a picture of a high/low hem skirt and over 45mins later….I’m back ;) haha! I got side-tracked with all the tutorials!

high/low mullet hem skirts

I am planning on up-cycling this maxi dress I don’t love on me into a skirt. I think it’ll be super cute for summer. I like #3 & #5 the best. Beside taking things in and changing them into new things seems like a great place to start learning!

FYI -I looked EVERY where for a mullet hem wedding dress but they weren’t in style and so that’s why we (the seamstress and I) decided on the massive slit for my beach bridal dress.

ok…I’m going to workout now! Have a great day xoxo


Tell me your favourite & least favourite strength exercise….

fav – squats. I love them. not so much – bridges and planks. 

ladies – what is one item on your summer wish list??

I really want a nice summer skirt……or 2! and I plan to make them both :) Plus, I want a hot body again ;) lol 

Reese PB cups – YAY or NAY???

anyone hosting a monthly challenge for February??? any virtual races going on??