7 facts about Ali Mc *warning some may surprise you*

Hey Guys :)

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For now, because it’s never been done on RwS I’ll actually tell you a random 7 facts about myself:

  1. I LOVE green olives – LOVE them. I love them so much it is not uncommon for me to eat them right out of the jar with a folk ;) Hence the pizza shot. Whenever I order a pizza without them, I end up regretting it. I prefer the ones with the pimentos inside so I can suck them out first :) *added fact: I am slowly learning to tolerate black ones.
  2. I actually think I’m a dog whisperer. Yep, it’s true. I used to be that girl that would run over screaming hysterically and beaming with happiness begging to pet your cute fluffy dog. Now I’m as cool as Cesar and won’t even look at your dog until he’s calm submissive. Shhhht! Thank you Cesar Millan for making everyone that has a dog believe I don’t like animals. “PUPPIES!”
  3. I have the worlds highest ribcage and they’re bigger than my breasts. Oh yes, remind me to show you some time. People think it’s because I’m skinny. Well, I assure you it’s not. I think pregnancy made it worse and somedays I seriously contemplate having a few bones removed. Thanks for that genetics. 
  4. I don’t like eating healthy. Surprising isn’t it? ;) Well maybe you some of you strive for a 6 pack but I enjoy my cushion over my abs. I am married after all :) Also if I had a cook and a grocery shopper I’d eat healthier because they’d be doing the work. I love chocolate and sugar and grease and that heavy feeling in my gut after a Big Mac meal :) I don’t plan on changing. Although I do like some healthy foods. I only eat them because I eat what I like. Not to lose weight or live longer. 
  5. I worked at a gentlemen’s club. Yep! I sure did. At the time I loved it. I had just broken free from a 6 year toxic relationship where I wasn’t even allowed to wear tank tops, lost my alcoholic father and just needed to party and feel free! I made a killing in cash and had a great time. I left after 8 months and never looked back. Now I own a brass pole and use it for upper body workouts (when it’s not holding up my ceiling) Although I did feel guilty for a little while afterwards I’m convinced I wouldn’t have been able to settle down if that side of me hadn’t been released. 
  6. I truly believe my mother is the strongest person on earth. My brother and I were discussing this yesterday. To sum it up – there’s not many people that would sacrifice so much. I know I couldn’t and wouldn’t and I’ve always admired her for her ability to put others first while remaining grounded and true to her own feelings. YAY MOM! I have a hard time raising one kid with Colin’s full support and she somehow raised 3! had her own business and gave us the world. For this reason I will always respect single mothers more than any other person :) xo
  7. Colin and I have the biggest dramatic relationship story. However, it’s funny because we don’t have any drama at all now! Colin and I started dating when we were young. I was a groupie and was dating his friend. Long story short – I left his friend, started dating him only to end up leaving him after 8 months to date another one of his friends! Man I sure had issues. I spent the next 6 years in that toxic relationship with that guy only to break up, do whatever and run into Colin almost 8/9 years later. He hated me (with good reason) but when we talked about it and he realized I had always felt bad about things and he had never stopped loving me we got back together. Only to break up a while after. I ended up being pregnant so we bought a house to try and do the “Ross and Rachel” scenario only to fall in love as we grew together planning for baby. Logan was born and our love for one another grew more and then we got married – the rest is history! We were made for one another and Colin taught me that being treated nicely is normal and that working together was something that, although difficult at times, is well worth the effort. I have no regrets and thank the universe everyday that he stuck by me. I truly think he’s my soul mate. 

Ok so I shared some pretty secret “skeletons” in there but I’m sick of caring about the past. It doesn’t really matter where you came from, only where you are now and where you’re going :)

Love you guys! Tag yourself and tell me some fun facts!!

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1. Olives YAY or NAY??

2. ever gone to a pole fitness class??

you should – LIBERATING!

3. are you the pack leader in your house?? or does the dog rule the roost??

I am so much the pack leader that Rex won’t even sniff the ground on a walk unless I say it’s ok ;P nor will he pee without permission :) Take that Cesar!