Santa Shuffle 5k RECAP: A race against my husband

….spoiler alert: I lost. 

Yes, it’s true. Sorry Char – I should’ve ankle slammed him, but I just couldn’t.

Anyway – the recap.

Race Eve:

It was cold.

Race eve we got hit with a lot of snow (a lot for us mild-winter-type folks) – Of course Colin didn’t have any winter tights. Spork Chek had conveniently just given me a gift card (thank you) so we went out and bought Colin a winter running outfit.

* Yes, I convinced him to get tight tights – Colin is leaning over my shoulder trying to get me to write things like “I love this sexy man” and the like :P OMG! 

We did none of the normal runner prep things and to be honest I think I should’ve taken this more seriously. I didn’t train for it, didn’t prep for it at all. I just got cocky and assumed by Colin’s training runs that we were similar in pace. Until he did a test run in his new tights and finished a mile in 7:40!!!! 

I went to bed knowing I was doomed…but tried to remain positive in the morning.

Race day morning:

We already had everything all laid out so we quickly got ready – grabbed some toast and left to head to Guelph….

…..we picked up our race kits and met Santa!!!

We met up with Nic & Lyndsey and Colin’s family before the race and just hung out waiting…

Then we watched the Salvation Army Band play – as all proceeds from all the Santa Shuffles all over Ontario went to them :)

The race was not timed, nor was it official and it started out on this huge hill. Very steep, continuous incline. Colin and I ran together for half the race but I was really struggling to maintain his sub 8 min mile pace. He wasn’t having any issues at all.

Running in the snow was something I haven’t done much of. The times that I have were also a year ago….so that was interesting. It was really slowing me down and eventually this was my view for the rest of the race…..

* he’s in the santa hat

Eventually I completely lost Colin and I started getting passed by some others that had run the race the “proper” way. I just kept a steady pace and knew that I’d have that massive hill going down at the end….

….when I hit it I completely took advantage of it and gave it my all.

Finished with Colin taking a photo of me @ 26:11 (eyes closed apparently), Colin finished in 24:52 (That’s quite the difference) BOO!

* he was so happy :) so I’ll let it slide that he beat me ;P

My sister came finishing in around the 32 mark and Lyndsey right after at 33mins; obtaining her goal for sub 35 mins!!!! YAY!!! with all the hills we had I told he that one a flat course she could for sure get a sub 30. WAY TO GO!!!

Afterwards we got a Lindt advent calendar, food and hot chocolate and shiny medals….

 Diana, Colin, Nicole, me, Lyndsey and Dinah (I think….the two ladies on the ends were Nic’s co-workers….hopefully I got the names right) 

Afterwards we went to Tim Hortons and had some eats….

Then it was off to Colin’s parents for their family Christmas….Logan passed out in the car almost instantly. 

Colin did so well and I’m super proud of him. He used to run cross country as a kid, so it was so nice to see how happy he was and I know his mom was excited, as she was remenscing about races she used to watch when he was younger.

Love you babe! Congrats on your first 5k as an adult :) I’m glad we can enjoy running together.



1. did any ever think I was going to win? ;) …I sure hoped I would. 

2. what are you all doing today???

Off to another family event….after I make the food I need for it ;)

3. how do you feel when you run a race distance you’ve already raced but don’t PR??

To be honest I didn’t care at all…..but I read in recaps that people do so I was curious why? :) As I had a great time!!!