Ready for Speed


Sunday was life changing for me. The fact that I maintained a 9:28 pace for over 13 miles is AMAZING! ….and it tells me a few things:

  1. I’m finally at the same level of fitness in regards to speed as I was in January when I got first got injured.
  2. That even though my groin/hip still bothers me I can surpass the distances that were causing me pain.
  3. That I’m ready to continue to mend my groin area and stop denying that it’s possible for me to push myself.
  4. I’m ready to accept my speed.
  5. I am ready to be fast.

It’s scary admitting that. I think running is difficult regardless of pace but fast running, where you’re pushing through those physical boundaries is very tough. Especially if you’ve been injured or hurt in the past. It’s scary to think that might happen again.

Since my 5k is only 4 weeks away I plan on dropping my millage down but picking up my speed sessions. I am really ready to push through my workouts and get my heart and breathing at the same level as my legs :)

Here’s my tentative plan….I think it’s basically all I can do in this amount of time AND seeing as I can’t walk right now….I’m kind of useless.

[I’ll put this plan on My Training page as per usual]

Colin has really been impressing me. He’s been running as much as I have, if not more. So if I’m going to beat him, I’ll need to be faster ;)



I never got to show you guys how Logan took coming home from my mom’s place on Sunday….

He either really likes her or severely hates us.

Mom, you can take him ANYtime ;)



With the hype of my half and everything that’s been going on I’ve completely forgotten to post my cupcake recipe! I’ll most likely do that today and then back-date it. So don’t worry – it’ll be there in time for next Halloween ;)

I know I’ve been slacking on the food side of this blog but running half marathon Ali Mc likes to eat things like this….

I know it’s not food and it’s bad for me – but I don’t care! it was amazing after a long race. I also had a FULL coke! which hasn’t happened in I don’t know how many years. You runners are right – nothing like a coke after a long run! 



1. do you think it’s possible to get faster in 3 weeks??

2. do you ever throw tantrums over anything specific??

I do. I’m not ashamed to admit that Logan and I are at the same level of emotional development. I too know that floor well :) 

3. what’s coming up for you?? any exciting news?? new races?? fill me in!!!