ATB Interview with Colin

A few of you asked Colin ATB type questions and/or running related questions in yesterday’s post, so I asked Colin to do a mini “interview” for us. YAY!


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Oakville Ontario. Born and raised. I have 2 brothers, one older, one younger and we all lived in that same house until we moved out on our own. My parents finally sold it when they decided to move to a retirement community. 

Where you a runner before you got married?

Yes I was! However, it was when I was in public school and early high school. I ran on the cross country track team. The longest I had ever run was a 10k. Prior to Alison convincing me to train for a race she is now, no longer running with me :P

Look at him go!

When out on a long run, do you ever find yourself thinking Damn you, wife! how did I let you get me into this?” or do you think “You are the best wife ever- thank you for introducing me to the amazing sport of long distance races” … or both?

Definitely the first one. 

Do you plan to continue running after Around the Bay is over?

Maybe just leisurely. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll sign up for a race, do a half  – I don’t know. 

Do you have a goal time for the Bay race and are you willing to share?

3 hours would be ideal. However, I’ll probably be closer to 3:30. I won’t be crushed, especially considering my training was pretty lax. 

Are you going to run with spatulas during the race?


Are you going to let macnic pace you for the race?

Yes. It looks to be that way. She did such a great job with Ali that I think it’d be a smart decision, considering I can no longer run with my wife. 

colin as ali mc

This is a big race, with over 9000 participants – any plans for how you’re going to cope with that many people surrounding you? 

I ran in races when I was younger, I have an idea of how it is and it shouldn’t bother me. 

Are you afraid or tackling this distance and/or those hills?

It’s not so much the hills, it’s the distance. Especially considering I haven’t run any races, aside from two 5k’s in over 20 years. 

What does Ali think about you running without her?

Oh she’s cool with it. Somewhat. She’d much rather be running it with me but due to unforeseen circumstances we won’t be able to even run the first half together – because I’m just too fast ;) 

Plans for after the race?

Cry. I don’t know.

 Colin in my tech T

 Colin has signed up for the Spatula Runners Race – so should YOU! :)


Any advice for Colin?? he is tackling a pretty long distance only 12 km’s off of a full marathon!

did you run when you were younger or start later in life??

workout plans today???