Falling Back In Love with Running

Lately I have had no motivation to run. I posted on facebook about wanting a plan for a half marathon and tons of you were amazing with all the suggestions you provided. THANKS :)

I haven’t decided on a plan yet, as I am trying to incorporate a few of them, plus strength training to make a plan that is specifically me. I have also decided to plug in my injured 10k time to calculate all my training paces. I am so sick of not truly accepting that I am now slow.

There. I said it. I’m slow. I’m not fast. There is no way I will finish a half marathon in under 2 and 1/2 hours…..maybe it’ll take me over 3hrs….I’m OK with this :)

sigh :) I feel better.

There are worse things….. your son could hand you a glass and tell you he peed…

Anyway, I don’t know why I haven’t had much desire to run – maybe the heat? but I do own a treadmill…..however, I hate that even more. I am hoping a plan that actually caters to my current skill level will help me get out of this rut. 

I am also thinking about volunteering at a couple small races just to rekindle that desire for running :)

As I was searching for ways to do just that – rekindle a running relationship. I came across this amazing article and I thought I’d summarize it here for anyone that maybe feels the same way I do.

We need to provide the following things in a relationship to keep it going strong:

  1. Communication – you should be listening to your body and not masking injuries. If you find yourself making excuses not to run, ask yourself why that is. One quote that I loved in this section applied to people that were exhausted (like me) “This clearly means you’re overdoing it. “A healthy relationship leaves you energized,” says De Villers. “An unhealthy relationship leaves you drained.” take some time off
  2. Respect – Don’t run more than you can handle, don’t increase millage too fast and don’t disregard what your runs are telling you. Show running the respect it deserves, and it will treat you right.
  3. Spontaneity -  You must be creative enough to break out of ruts,” says De Villers. “If a relationship has become too predictable, that’s where the contempt comes in. Run a new trail, switch the time you go for a run, run with a new group, sign up for a new race distance or just plain change the run – add a tempo or speedwork.
  4. Romance – rekindle that running desire with some new gear. Add some day dreaming to your life by fantasizing about what your run will be like when you get home. Take a running vacation.
  5. Quality Time – Remember to enjoy running for the time away it provides you, and what your body is actually doing. Too many runners heap on the miles, setting themselves up to see running as nothing more than a number in the logbook. No wonder they fall out of love; what kind of relationship is that? take the garmin off and enjoy a “naked” run :)
  6. Flexibility – Don’t set yourself and expectations up to fail. You can allow yourself a rest day even if it’s not on your training schedule. If plans are too ridged they become less fun. Make sure the majority of your runs leave you feeling good and don’t be afraid to change the pace, the distance or to skip a run completely. Running should bend to accommodate your life-not vice versa.”
  7. Appreciation – Remember why you run and think about it daily. Don’t forget that we are all lucky enough to be able to run and don’t take it for granted. When she tried to run again, she was plagued by a series of injuries. Four months later, healthy and with a new training partner, Stanley-McIntosh finally resumed her running. “Now, when someone asks me why I run,” she says, “I reply, ‘Because I can.'”
  8. Spread the Love - (I know I loved the title) – remember you can always give back to the running community to spark interest. Volunteer at a race or for a charity. It also helps people that tend to race a lot to view their competitors as people that are helping you preform at your best. Don’t live from one PR to the next because eventually they may not come as frequently. The initial thrill of the beginning runner inevitably fades. You can’t stay gaga forever. The good news is that beneath the infatuation is something even better, more mature, and ultimately more rewarding-a love that will sustain you for years to come.

I feel exactly like the thrill of being a runner has faded for me and now I’m searching through my true self wondering where I’m heading next and whether running is a part of that or not. The good news is that it most definitely is :)

* ya, more car shots – I’m the coolest. 

I went for a run yesterday with Leah and it was amazing! I felt great to get out there and really do believe that if I can create a plan and accept my slow pace, I’ll be alright. I do know now that I want to run less. I definitely have fallen in love with other forms of fitness and I think being injured just helped me see that there is much more to life than cardio in the form of running and that maybe I just needed to go back to basics and accept and respect the run for what it is – a run. Now I hope I’ll can enjoy it :)

*don’t worry I didn’t run in flip flops again…..I just change out of my runners ASAP in the hot heat :) 

I’ll post the final half-marathon plan on my training page when it’s ready :) Thanks to everyone for all of your continued support. I can’t believe how much being a part of this community has taught me and I value your opinions and comments more than you’ll ever know :D xo



1. have you ever fallen out of love with running? are you loving it right now?

2. what helps you in your relationships? whether it be personal or physical

3. anyone race this weekend??