My busy weekend!!!! …FTW!

My weekend was pretty chill. I need to give you guys all the highlights of what happened since we last spoke…..

Friday started off with a visit to see baby Mason, Georgia and Lesley. I forgot to ask Lesley to take an awkward photo of me trying to remember how to hold a baby :P But I did manage to get this cutie one of G and L …CHEERS!


Lesley had pumpkin pie ice cream on hand just for me :) LOVE!!!!


Logan and G played pretty well together, until Logan had a melt down and started being his menace self. So it was time to go home.

I came home to GREAT news!!!!

…… I FINALLY got a job!!! I will be working for the bank! YAY! It starts April 1st, so I have a whole month to find a sitter/day care for Logan and get him accustom to the changes.

Saturday I did nothing….well accept go into work at my other job for a few hours. Then I came home and got everything ready for our important Sunday date with Jamie & Mike and went to bed.

Sunday morning we got up and we were out of the house by 7am! and after getting some much needed gas and dropping Logan off at my moms…..


….we headed into Buffalo to meet up with Jamie, Mike and their friends for a run.

We had no issue crossing the border, our gate guy was a runner too and so other than make fun of us he was pretty chill and was asking about our big Toronto Marathon and how many miles we were planning on running…..


For those of you that don’t know, it’s Jamie’s birthday today!! So we came to visit and she wanted to run….so run we did….


This was pretty much my view for the entire run. I can’t run very fast right now and running in a group is the bane of my existence :P

When we hit just under 3 miles, where the route went up a 2 mile hill Jamie, Shelia and I turned around and I finished my run around 5 miles. I’m glad I did because my knee is f’d today! Everyone else kept going to get their miles in while I transformed from this…..

Post-Running sweaty girl…..


To this….hot-ter make-up done, ready to eat pancakes girl….


When everyone else was done running they had to go change in this cool Chalet area within the park….I love owning a van ;) though this runner infested fire place was pretty cool…


Then we treated Jamie and Mike to pancakes for J’s bday egg-stravaganza – pun intended! I think Jamie was really excited about her blueberry pancakes! ….and Mike’s eyes are open, so that’s just amazing all on it’s own ;)

Breakfast collage

..actually Mike and I were the only one’s the ate eggs. There was lots of good stuff and for some reason juice came in bowls (?!) lol

I could not stop eating and I’m pretty sure I ate more than everyone, and I ran the least ;) I love how I look photoshopped in the below photo :) YES to lighting!


After saying our goodbyes and birthday wishes we drove back home for strawberries and whipped cream at my moms!


All eating that did was make me sick….oops! Gotta remember not to eat so much ;) Check out this strawberry I found!!! It’s crazy!


Overall it was a great weekend and I’ll look forward to Jamie and Mike coming for ATB in 3 weeks!!!! YAY!


who else is a March baby like Jamie???

what is your favourite breakfast food??

bacon. and waffles….and eggs….I love all breakfast foods. 

what did you get up to this weekend??

favourite ice cream flavour???

It’s actually Moose Tracks or Cotton Candy or rolo! YUM!