A good reason to run & thifty business!

First things first…..

Today is a very special day because it’s the day both Colin & I will be running for the cutest Colton :) Long story short (but you can read the full version here) this amazing little man has been through a lot. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia back in 09 and after going through bone marrow and stem cell transplants his cancer was finally in remission…..only to reappear again! So now he’s getting ready for his 3rd transplant but needs money to get it!! [ you can go to donate at Colton’s Army ]

Colton's run

Rachelle wanted our community to run in his honor. She would like everyone to run at least 1.5 miles and wear orange (for Leukemia ) and take a photo of yourself running and send it to her – rachelleq1(at)gmail(dot)com.

So Colton – we are thinking of you today xo


Yesterday I was supposed to visit my friend Lesley so Logan could play with her daughter G and we could see the NEW BABY!!! :) but alas, G was sick and I just couldn’t risk any of us getting sick again. So you can all look forward to seeing this baby envious face next week….


* but minus the long hair, christmas decorations and that girl baby ;) 

I did however, end up meeting with the cuz last night for a 4 miler thrift shopping :) We tackle thrift stores like champions!!! …..or maybe more like shopaholic’s – guilty!

2013-01-24 19.36.36

I was really hoping to find some vintage blouses with big bows……

….and I DID :D

2013-01-24 19.45.43

* I posted this photo on instagram this morning asking everyone what they would wear this with – so please let me know how you would rock this Blair Waldorf/Grandmother inspired blouse in the comments. 

I am totally into becoming more of a “lady” these days. However, you moms out there must concur that one splatter of food, mud or grass stain makes you remember why you don’t spend money on nice clothes and why you live in t-shirts and yoga pants :)

2013-01-24 20.16.16

I didn’t end up buying the above shirt but it did inspire me to layer clothes differently :) I love the concept. That photo also teaches me that I have to stop being so dang narcissistic in my blog photography and start taking photos of the others I’m with more ;) sorry Lyndz :) xo

Unfortunately we never got our run in together but I’m really excited to run for Colton today!!!!

PS: our macbook charger broke completely so I’m currently running on my last 18% :( I PROMISE to visit all your lovely blogs as soon as I get a new charger! Have a GREAT weekend xoxox Love you all :D


will you be running today???

sure will :) and I hope to get some strength in as well. 

how would you rock bubble gum pink?? 

It seems like a hard colour to wear but I have a few ideas….I definitely want to invest in some lime green shoes ;) and I think wearing a gray or blue cardigan over it might work too….white pants in the summer, tucked into a high waisted skirt or pants! 

where is your favourite place to shop?? and what is your “go-to” outfit??

leggings and comfy shirt. I love thrifting the most! original pieces that you can pull together :)