A Run for Sherry Arnold

As I woke up on Saturday morning I looked out the window to find winter had finally decided to make an appearance.

The snow kept coming (it still is) and the wind made it -21C outside that’s -8F!!!

I printed off my race bib anyway because there was no way I wasn’t running for this woman, Sherry Arnold: mother, teacher, wife, runner.

As a runner, my heart goes out to her because I can imagine what she must’ve been thinking as she ran down the road: nothing. Her mind was probably in such a great place, anticipating the best from people. I find I always feel better about humanity as and after I run.

As a woman, my heart feels her. A classic case of females not being safe in their own communities. I just don’t know what men people are thinking sometimes. Men will never have to worry about whether they have pepper spray on them, whether they’ll be able to get to their cars fast enough, whether they can go let the dog out when their husbands aren’t home, if it’s safe to take a ride from an acquaintance, whether they’ll make it home unscathed, about whether they’re safe, alone at night.

I’m not trying to be bitter towards men, just trying to illustrate that many men will never know what it feels like to be a woman in this world. It’s scary. So I ran for not only Sherry but for woman and courage too!

I had to run inside because Colin (the not so scary, supportive man in my life) told me I couldn’t run outside. He thought I’d injure myself because under all that snow was ice. Before the run I felt like an idiot for choosing to run on the treadmill but that quickly faded once on it.

I envisioned Sherry and me running together in spirit and I can’t tell you how powerful that made me feel.

Today I ran not for Sherry, but with her.

Maybe her soul rest in peace.

For more information about the virtual run, Sherry and how you can help visit: Shut up and Run



1. Are you running today??