I’ve been ZWOW’d

Alright guys – it’s that time again….the end of the month where I reflect on past monthly challenges and create new ones.

First off – don’t worry there is a July workout calendar and I have posted it for you all on the monthly challenge page. I however, will not be participating in it over the summer. I’ll most likely jump back in come fall. If you don’t what the heck I’m talking about go here, and join the group!

here’s the July calendar for those that want to grab it!

I am still contemplating signing up for a half marathon for the fall but right now I am actually enjoying my runs for what they are: just running :)

So what will I be doing?

Taking all my recent strength training to the next level – I rocked out my first ZWOW workout with Zuzana Light and I LOVED IT!!!!! I seriously felt so hardcore!

So I am hoping that I’ll be able to do a zwow every week day and take the weekends off. I am kind of scared to commit to it as my plank goal last month was an epic fail! oops.

I think that when you start to fall off of a workout plan you have to step back and ask yourself….


I found my answer right away….I was getting bored. My body is showing no changes! The calendars were old news and becoming too easy for me. They were GREAT at getting me a good base and now I’ll be following Zuzka for the month of July and I’ll be sure to post before and after photos.

Change is good for me and I’m SUPER excited to try taking my fitness to the next level :D

Plus, since I am now working 2 jobs and have no time I think these shorter, more intense workouts will be doing much more for me :)



1. did you meet all of your fitness goals for June??

not even close. I think I did the calendar every other day (stock piling the days I missed) hardly any planks and really fell by the wayside. 

2. are you a bodyrocker or Zuzana fan? 

To be honest, bodyrock seems helpful but I can’t follow the vids. I feel like I should be masterbating, not working out. Zuzana is much more workout focused and not as sexual – but she’s still hot ;) 

3. do you have to switch your workouts up a lot?? get bored easily?

I’m already bored of this post ;)