Work, Play & No Sugar!

First off – did you win my giveaway???


Second, I just started a new job!!!! So I’m super excited. I jumped on board with Epicure products. So I’m their newest consultant. Normally this kind of thing isn’t my style but for whatever reason I feel ‘hopefully optimistic’ (to quote my grandmother) I use their products regularly so why not try to make some money too :)

I love their spices and how easy it is to create great tasting food :) I even just finally made their extrodinary cheese dipChar, leave me alone – you know how I love my cheese :P

I took it to a family bbq/swim party….

My aunt Karen invited us over for a labour day swim! It was so nice to see my cousins and just catch up with everyone :)

….and I got to sit on a floaty orca!

I worked all day Sunday (and Sat) so the only time I had to do Laura’s Labour Day 5miler was bright and early in the morning. I had plans to do a 10km trail run with Leah but I worked at 11am and knew I wouldn’t get home till after 10 so I was relieved when she cancelled ;) but we do need to run together soon!

I had a great 8mile run by myself instead and as if my nike+ knew I needed a 5 mile time to submit it died at the 4.98 mark @ 53:26 ;) lol I sucked and didn’t take any run photos – so here’s one of Laura doing her’s – she looks far more hardcore than I did and she’s linking everyone’s recaps up! so go read them :)

it was just that good of a run, just couldn’t stop. I wore my Altras and my feet felt awesome:) Thanks for hosting Laura :)

I also joined The Athletarian in striking sugar out this month. I’ve been doing really well. Even when I’m craving sweet things I make adequate alternatives. Like the chocolate avocado pudding. You need to follow me on instagram to see them all ;)

I can’t believe this has been so easy for me, (yes I am aware it’s only the 4th)

When Logan heard there was no sugar this month he reacted a bit differently….


 I told him he could be exempted. I used to eat like crap and now my packed lunches look like this…

So I figure instead of forcing my new eating on the rest of my family I’ll just keep setting the example/sneaky healthy food in ;)



1. Have you ever heard of Epicure? Do you like their stuff?

I went to a party almost a year ago and fell in love. I’ve been using their stuff ever since. It’s only in Canada though so local friends – gather your friends and let me host a tasting foodie party for you :) …PLEASE 

2. Do you like virtual races??

I love me a good virtual race! I think they’re fun and usually there’s some awesome swag that comes along with doing one :) 

3. Have you ever eliminated sugar before??

NO! I remember the last time there was one going on I laughed and said NO WAY ;) but I thought, hey maybe I can do this! We’ll see. If anything it’s opening my eyes to how many things have sugar in them. I used ketchup yesterday and completely forgot there was glucose/fructose in that! oops! 

PS: I can’t wait till October 1st when I can eat a pumpkin pie blizzard :) lol