The BEST RUN EVER, A Wedding & Terry Fox Run 2012!

All my weekends seem so crazy that it really sucks that I don’t post on them anymore ;P Monday’s posts are therefore forced into condensed versions of all things epic and amazing (although, at least I spare you the essay’s) So get ready for collages! lol


For those of you not on my facebook page or on my dailymileI had, what I believe to be the on Saturday morning. I chose to do my long distance run that day before getting ready for the wedding so I could “race” Terry Fox the next day with Dianna :)

Anyway, this 9 mile run ended up being 11 miles, as to avoid running up those 500 steep steps I decided to run up the mountain access – bad idea that was one long steep steep hill! lol

* I am the worst proof reader ever. FACT.

Overall this run was awesome! I think this may have been my first true experience with “runner’s high as I was seriously elated! This is what I looked like at mile 10….

* I seriously need to invest in a pair of running/sports sun glasses – any companies want to send me something ;) ?? 


Then it was time to get ready for my cousins wedding! I had to stretch, foam roll, get showered, do my hair – I don’t wear makeup anymore (except eye makeup) so that was easy and fastER than usual :) I even tested out my shoes to make sure they fit with my added adjustments….

* don’t lie running gear and heels is hot 

To save time I got into my wedding outfit in the golf club parking lot ;) ….I’m classy like that

* please note that I’m in the same sunglasses ;) 

The wedding was super fun – we got placed at the “cool people table” which normally happens, I’m so used to being popular (lol) and we really enjoyed it :) Don’t worry – another collage for you to save time!

My entire outfit (shoes included) cost me Colin $35 :) I have fallen in love with thrifting for both it’s frugal and environmentally sustainable reasons :) PS: the shoes were a size too big and I will tell you – NEVER again will I buy shoes that fit – bigger shoes are the most comfortable things EVER! and it’s nothing Dr. Scholls can’t fix ;) 

CONGRATS BRENT AND JACLYN we are so happy for you both :) 


Logan got sick Thursday and the poor little dude was so sick. I was actually super scared for him.

Since he was sick my mom offered to take him over night for both the Saturday night wedding and the Sunday morning Terry Fox Run. Thank you mom :)

Don’t worry he is 100% better now :)


So Sunday we woke up – and after an 11 miler, drinking, eating tons of sugar (oops) and partying that was tough ;) and Colin and I got into our running gear and headed down to Gage Park to meet Diana and her son Adrian for the Terry Fox Run!

It was so nice to be able to meet Diana and her son. They were so nice :) They even brought gifts for Logan!!!! I always feel so blessed at all the great people in our lives.

We started off running with Diana and Adrian took off like a jack rabbit and eventually got tired, we (Colin and I) decided to start picking up the pace to see if he could even do the whole 5k.

Running with my husband was the GREATEST.THING.EVER! I loved every second of it. Where I have physical stamina, Colin has will power ie: he’s stubborn. We kept each other going and finished in 27 mins! 

I don’t think we have many “Sons fans” but I met this guy and couldn’t knock his resemblance to a thin Bobby so I asked for a photo ;) His daughter and wife ran the 10k and raised over $1000!!!! 

Overall it was a great day! I really enjoy the opportunity to met anyone from the “online world” it’s nice to be able to develop these relationships and meet people in real life from this awesome community :) THANKS FOR COMING DIANA!!!! 



1. did you even get through this whole post??? 

I probably wouldn’t have….hence why I post short posts ;) 

2. Did you race/run this weekend??? tell me about it :) 

3. Any one getting married??? going to a wedding soon??