It’s more exciting than Christmas…..

I called my mom this morning to tell her the good news (I actually woke her up like a kid at xmas) – that because of all you amazing individuals we had enough votes to take her to the lead and win the Tommie Copper Contest! YAY!!!!

To my surprise my mom told me she’d never wear the shorts and is letting me get them for my new found Osteoarthritis and hip pain!!!! I can’t wait to review them for you :D and she is going on a TC spending spree! I think she wants another knee sleeve (as she only has one), both ankle sleeves and who knows what else! 

Words can not express how happy it feels to not only win this for my mom, not only get these shorts for my own pain but to feel so loved and supported by YOU! I was seriously shocked at how many of you tweeted, shared, posted all over about the contest, not to mention voted any way you could, every day!!!! Thank you so much. My mom says a big thank you too :)

So here’s another virtual hug – as promised xo

yes, that is your hoodie Colin - I'll give it back....one day

I seriously LOVE Tommie Copper. I know some athletes prefer traditional compression sleeves but I like that TC’s aren’t as tight and uncomfortable and also – that anyone can wear them. So people like my mom can live pain free!

Logan was so excited that his Grandma kicked some butt that he thought his plate was a hat! 

I think I’m seeing some “hangy-ball” their mister :P



1. do you use Tommie Copper compression gear? if so, do you like it?

2. have you entered an online contest and won before?? do you want to try and enter one??

 I will never again be entering another contest online. It caused me way too much anxiety :P and I felt like a big annoyance plastering “Vote for me” all over the internet :) so don’t worry!