My Running Rules

So due to the fact that around this same time last year, at around the EXACT same distance I got injured. I have decided to be realistic this time around and stop running until I hear otherwise.

I have also made myself some rules for going forward. Rules can’t be broken – well they can, but they’re usually put in place for a reason and that’s why I’ve decided to write them out and stick to them.

Ali Mc’s Running Rules:

  • take your supplements/vitamins, until your body can balance these on its own <— you have to take these religiously! (grab vit D)
  • STRENGTH!!! Don’t stop it! <–– you must do this in order to run!
  • Cycle, cycle, cycle. Walk, walk, walk. <—- don’t be afraid to build your cardio in other ways.
  • Run CONSISTENTLY <—- run 3 times a week ALWAYS and let it flow from there.
  • FOAM ROLL STRETCH AND DO YOUR REHAB EXERCISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <—- you aren’t magical. You aren’t going to just get better. You’ve gotta put forth the effort to move, accepting that you will move backwards before going forwards.
  •  GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. <—- you’re human. 
have fun running

making people stare is optional

Sometimes, actually most times….ok fine! for my entire life! I’ve been the kind of person that just thinks – I can do this! I’ve always just expected things to go my way, to be able to do anything without practicing first and it’s never worked out.

unrealistic expectations

I’ve grown up a bit in my 30 years but overall I’m the type of person that tends to skip the process and wants to get to the end result. Immediately. If I’m completely honest, which, let’s face it, I am, I didn’t do much recovery work after my upslip last year. All I did was eat better and get into strength based training.

It worked. I had no issues with my hips until I hit 11 miles in my half training and even then, it wasn’t stopping me from running.

I was lucky.

This time. I know and realize the hard truth. I HAVE to stay committed to my strength training in order to run. I also have to stay consistent. Two areas which I’ve been struggling with over the past few months.

I have decided not to run this week BUT as long as I’m not in pain and the doctor doesn’t have any issues with it. I plan to walk and/or bike all my running workouts this week. Example: today is a 4 mile easy run. So I will walk it. For my long run this week if I can’t run it I’ll bike it. Speed work? I’ll speed walk. etc.

I’m not going to skip workouts because of this. I have goals after all!!! and I’ve got to remain  focused….


* the above photo is from the “I f*cking love science” facebook page. It’s amazing!

I’ve really let my body slide so I’m trying to get my eating back on track and just keep plugging away at workouts! I’ve got a doctors appt today so I’ll keep you posted :) xoxo


what are your fitness “rules” – do you have any??

anyone injured right now?? where are you in the recovery process?? 

I’m not injured yet. That’s why it’s good to listen to your body and stop when you’re in pain. I have this post that I’ll be re-reading today. Check it out if you haven’t already. Tips for Runner’s with Injuries!

do you have realistic expectations of people, yourself?? 

no. never. it’s the worst ever actually. I get let down a lot and I beat myself up a lot. I really need to take a course on “getting your expectations into the “reality” zone” ….my idealistic nature kills me.