I am a tready demon!

Remember how I mentioned I had something awesome planned for last night?!

…well it was really only awesome for crazy runner type people like us.

I knew with me working early in the morning today and having to go meet Jamie and Mike early on Sunday that my long run would probably not happen and seeing as my training was seriously slacking over the last 2 weeks I texted Colin in the morning and asked if he could make me a shelf for my macbook….


While so I could have an awesome distraction to do my 10 miler on the tready while Logan was sleeping and Colin was out, that’s why!

* the fact that my husband made me an awesome shelf like that from that one text message, where he didn’t even respond to – makes me love him so much more :D

I watched the Canadian Bachelor – yes, we apparently have our own and he is sooooo Canadian it actually hurts me. but it served its purpose.

I took it really slow and just went with it. It was cool to have not only a mindless show to watch but also a macbook shelf to both hold my fuel AND be able to take photos of myself with the photobooth :) double score!!!

I finished 10 miles in 1:46 and I felt great after. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat as much as I did last night. The house was hot, there was no fan , as it was in the basement and I was too lazy to get it, but I was literally dripping wet. My shorts were stuck to me. Not even in the humid summer days did this occur. That’s when you know you worked hard!

I’m super proud of myself!

I hope you guys have a GREAT day! I just have one favour to ask you ……

Please let me know what you think I should put on our spectator signs for the marathon?? I want a sign that when you look at it, you either laugh or take off because I’ve empowered you – what would that sign say for you???



1. as mentioned above – what is your favourite slogan to see on a race sign???

I love “worst parade ever” and I think Logan’s should have that. 

2. longest treadmill run??

10 miles baby!!!! that’s 16k for us Canadian girls ;) 

3. who’s racing this weekend??