Treats and Survivor Rant

So hopefully you all got to check out the prize run down on yesterday’s post :) I’m pretty excited about it!

My leg was still hurting me yesterday but I really wanted to get some cardio in so I opted for 10 solid miles on the cycle!

I am hating this IT band issue. My knee is now the area that’s giving me the most grief. I didn’t even get diagnosed with IT band issues, she just said it was tight! So what does one do when they can’t run??

….why buy and eat fuzzy peaches of course!


It was kind of a bad day as far as indulgences go….heck! who am I kidding, I’ve been indulging all winter ;)

I was craving a frosty soooooo bad!


I love frosty’s – but only the original chocolate ones. Plus I had promised Logan that he could have a milk shake if he was good on our outing so we both picked up some more treats :)


He chose strawberry and I think that monster grip he has on it says it all ;)

Today I have to do some extremely interesting things!!! 

….like open a new bank account at the bank I’ll be working at :)

….and foam roll and strengthen my injured leg :(

….and then NOT watch Survivor!

I am sorry, maybe it’s just me?? but I LOVE Survivor and this season’s Fans vs “Favourites” hasn’t made me want to drop my life and watch. In all actuality I haven’t even watched a full episode.

WHO’s Favs are these??!


I mean maybe Malcom…..MAYBE! but didn’t he get all wussy during the end of last season?? and weren’t we only rooting for him because we all secretly loved Denise?!

Almost everyone else on the favourite cast was my LEAST favourite. Cochrane, Philip and mini wanna be Russell….don’t even get me started on that girl that got voted out first! We don’t even know her enough for her to be a fav!!!!

I am calling your bluff Survivor – you had slim pickings this season and no one cool agreed to come back.


Frosty or Milk Shake??


What was your last workout??

Survivor fan? YAY or NAY??

Normally – YAY!!!!!! this season….NAY 

PLEASE weigh in – is it just me?? or does this season suck?