Hi! I’m still here :)


Hey friends! <— that’s how everyone at my work says hi.


no, I don’t work at a drive-true. A lot of my training is done online through web conference seminars. So I get to wear a head set. lol

It’s like a secret blessing in disguise that my new job is at the best branch ever. Everyone is very laid back and so super nice that they even share their homemade donuts with me :)


My first week was so dang busy there was NO way that it was even possible to sit at a computer let alone write a blog post. It involved quite the multi-tasking skills. Including, but not limited to doing my hair and makeup while eating breakfast ;)

20130403_065315Logan LOVES daycare and took to it right from day one. He didn’t even kiss me goodbye. He said “Later mom” lol. I actually like that he is doing so well. I’m not the type of parent that had hurt feelings over his immediate non-caring. I was so relieved that he liked it so much.


The coolest thing about the daycare is that she posts pictures on a private fb account (only parents can see) daily, during their naps….so during my lunch break I can creep all Logan’s pictures and see what he’s been up to. I LOVE IT!!!!

WARNING – graphic photo below.

I went from one job to the next every day and only saw Logan for one hour each morning. My week ended with a trip to the hospital. Don’t worry I’m ok, but obviously, I over did it.


I missed one shift at my old job due to the above issue but I still finished the week with over 55 hours. I am used to working 3-9!!!! LOL

Sunday was fun and the weather was nice so I enjoyed the one thing I had been missing the whole week……


20130331_111820MY FAMILY!

Unfortunately I didn’t even try to fit working out into that schedule. Now that I’m only working M-F 9-5:30 and only Fri and Sat at my other job I will most likely try to get some stuff in. However, I’m not ready for morning workouts…….yet. lol

*Everyone that won a prize – don’t worry I’m on it. Everyone that wants their photos published – don’t worry, this weekend!!!* 


what are your highlights from last week??? what did I miss?

have you ever had to have an IV just because they wanted to take so many blood samples?!?!?!? 

I never have. Only for IV going into me purposes, not IV taking out of me lol 

do you like your job?? where you work??

I love my new job. It’s a REAL job. ie: professional. People actually abide by the normal rules of workers rights, I have benefits and everyone is helpful. I’m sure I’ll eventually dislike things about it but right now I can’t see ONE person that is poisonous to the branch, everyone is so positive.