Spending issues & Other things

I wasn’t going to blog today. My morning started off with a long venting email to Vanessa. (sorry girl) long story short - I can’t stand people that spam other blogs. Gain followers by leaving awesome comments and by being yourself!!! :) (venting over! thank you) 

Logan has been driving Colin and me nuts! He’s great, super fun and creative at this age but he is also starting to talk back (I thought that was only girls?!), throw tantrums and basically makes me wish I was working full time ;)

At least our breakfast was nice this morning. I can’t even tell you the last time I had scrambled eggs and buttered toast! YUM!!!!

I am finally done wrapping all of the xmas gifts!! <—- only 2 more to buy and I’m done!!!!

However, I have this issue with spending and shopping (I’ve been soooooooo good at curbing, until december hit) I can’t stop buying stuff for Logan! It’s horrible! and as Lindy mentioned, kids don’t even know! They don’t need anything. Logan asked for snow and love for xmas :) <—- so cute! 

He did end up asking Santa for Thomas and train tracks…..though we already have some train tracks so I told Santa to bring him a lifting bridge to go with his set (@ $14.99 we agreed it was a great substitute ;))

* he had an incomplete track and just got a set from the mc-relatives! so now we can do lots of designs!!! YAY!

The reason I tend to buy any good deals I see for both Logan and Colin is because both of them are early January babies and with the extended return policies it’s super easy to take advantage of the deals!

We splurged during black friday and bought Logan the Leappad2 and when I saw the recharger pack on sale last night and there was only one left – I swiped it!!!

I know, I have issues. 

On the workout front I took this morning off. I’m tired and Logan was awake early and it just wasn’t working out. If he naps this afternoon (which is few and far between these days) I’ll go for a run in the Altras – as I’m officially DONE with the brooks. My feet just don’t like them anymore.



1. do you buy things impulsively if you know you can return them?? 

YES! like all the time – I am such a huge returner ;) I like taking advantage of deals and then changing my mind when I see my bank account ;P lol

2. what is one of your big blogger petpeeves?? 

CAPATCHA! I loathe word verifications. I seriously get them wrong all the time and it takes me hours to comment on those blogs. I hate them. If you haven’t already go read Vanessa’s post about why she loves or hates your blog! 

3. any tips for dealing with a brat that’s talking back?? 

we’ve tried ignoring, timeouts, “cool offs”, talking it out calmly and yelling back ;) ….none of which have worked. Distracting sometimes does but the bottom line is Colin and I want Logan to realize that he CAN’T speak to us like that. It’s not all the time, but it’s enough that I’m getting worried. 

4. are you working out today??