Plant love, Logan is selfish and Rex is Fat

I know you guys already think I’m bordering on insanity but I had to show you the cutest new addition to my family….

…I call him Frank ;)

Yes, he is some sort of plant. What kind, I don’t even know (sorry only know species native to Ontario) However, when Colin said our house was missing green life I quickly went on pinterest and search “Jar Plants<—– the craft wheels were already spinning.

I found this….

I liked it but I am doing something a little different. Although I did put the 3 plants I bought in old jars from pasta sauce (we normally save them for grease jars). The plants are vines so I think if we put these on a shelf in the kitchen that they’ll look amazing when the grow!

Anyway, I can honestly say I’ve never felt this way about a plant, but I love it :) I just wanted to cuddle it when I saw it in the store. He was the last one :)


Ok so as much as I know plants and jars are your favourite topic to read about I wanted to share a Logan story with you all…..

Lately he’s been demonstrating his hatred for sharing. He even went so far to toss my bowl of crackers into his. Then he continued to scream at me saying “No Mom! don’t eat my crackers mom<—— this kid is seriously in testing mode as of late. 

Being the awesome mother that I am I continued to eat them all through his tantrum. I tried to explain that mommy needed some for her cheese, but I’ll be honest, I finally gave up and just continued to eat away.….

This is the I hate you mom moment.

Sorry kid – I like food. 


 In other news……

and I’m embarrassed to admit this – we weighed Rex the other day. The results were a HUGE wake up call!!!! 

He weighed 88 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <———— Can you say Oh-Face! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, here I am hating other dog owners, wanting to help people train their dogs and my dog is a fatty. Poor, poor Rex.

So if you’re wondering why Rex has been running more, walking, backpacking and all that jazz – that’s why. Colin and I started a weekly weigh in chart for Rex – don’t worry Vanessa, we won’t be doing awesome posts about it like you ;)

Here is Rex’s new schedule and rules:

  • walks twice a day.
  • runs whenever I do. <— Leah even said he could come out on Sundays.
  • morning walk is longer and he wears a weighted backpack.
  • no human food (LOGAN this means you!)
  • 20 mins of ball/stick/frisbee throwing a day.

Now, during the summer this is not an issue at all. Colin and I are the world’s greatest dog owners once the sun is out and it’s warm. My biggest issue is I hate the cold – this is where you guys come in. When the fall comes around and you start seeing less Rex – you guys have to yell at me. I give you my permission to call me a neglectful, snow hating bad dog owner :)

Our goal weight for Rex is around 65 lbs. So a 20-23lb loss would be optimal. We head to the cottage next weekend so swimming and running should help.



1. do you have plants in your home?? any recommendations for varieties??

2. Aren’t two year olds the greatest??

If I’m honest my emotional capacity has never grown past that point, so working with Logan helps me too ;) 

3. is your dog fat?? have you ever had to put your pet on a diet??