Indulging my favourite past time

It appears I’m officially back to my old indulgent self. I completely forgot about all the amazingly tasty food combinations one could make and of course, EAT :D YUM!

Coke Floats Anyone?!?!?


I can’t even guess at how old I was the last time I had one of these! But I saw some Tree Hill characters eating them while I was cycling and THAT.WAS.IT!


Don’t judge me. What about Reese and vanilla ice cream?



Well this was actually Colin’s but you all know he shared – it’s his duty as a husband. FACT.

Speaking of husbandly duties he has been on a roll since Valentines day. Yesterday he made me breakfast in bed!


It was family day and we pretty much did nothing. Aren’t we awesome? We hang out a lot as a family and crammed packed events just aren’t our cup of tea.

However I did do some pretty cool mom things on Friday night with Logan. First we went late night swimming at the rec centre. Yes anything past 7pm is “late night” for kids!


As you instagram peeps will know, Colin has turned the unfinished side of our basement into his bands new “jam zone” so they start early and are normally done by 8:30-9pm. It’s easier to just let Logan have one late night a week and hang out with him :)

So after swimming we went to Toy R Us and bought some new bedding for him….


Logan actually requested that this photo be displayed on the blog ;) though now I realize Lightening McQueen is completely covered up. lol

In other news, my “long” run on Sunday was anything but long. Though I did manage 10k and spent the rest of the afternoon foam rolling my IT band. My hips are in the saddest shape I’ve ever seen them. I’m going to have to do double the work on them.


Running tightens your hip muscles and shortens them but I need them longer. After ATB I think I’m going to repeat what I did last year and get more into strength and use running more so for cardio.

I was supposed to cycle yesterday but didn’t so today is double workouts! …I think Logan is trying to tell me something !?


…..and I have yet another interview and I also have another spiritual massage tonight :) YAY!!! I love being healed.

More news tomorrow!


Tell me what you’re indulging in lately??

who ran this weekend?? anyone race/racing??

Did you celebrate Family Day??……American peeps I think it may have been President’s Day for you??